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As the tittle says, today my blog is hosting a guest writer, my dear friend Gin from Baroque fool She is a master of stamping and nail art and here manicures amaze me everytime <3 We set a "Hot mess stilettos" theme because we both like stiletto nails and well.....we're hot messes and loving it :) If you wanna se the nails I did, better head to her blog Baroque fool


My name is Gin and miss Hysteria is my BPFF (Best polish friend forever) and now I finally got the honor to be featured on her blog :) My blog is not nearly as classy or full of swatches as this one so I went all out and made some nail art with stuff we both like - blacks, shiny things and rhinestones. The theme was 'Hot mess stilettos' and I think this look is definitely something Ke$ha would wear and that says a lot since she is miss Hysterias spirit animal ;)

For this look I used:
- Color club Beyond as base 
- Essence Hello flashy nail foil
- Essence Stamp me! black 
- Lilly Anna 08 stamping plate



Ugh can I just say perfect? Thanks againg Gin for creating this mani <3
If you wanna check more of her amazing manis, here are the links:

Thanks for stopping by**

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  1. Nice to meet you Gin :-)

    This looks amazing. I really like it :-)

  2. Zanimivi so! :) Ta ideja štempljanja čez folijo mi je pa itak TOP :D

    1. Ane? :) Se strinjam, jaz nikoli ne bi pomislila štempljat čez folijo :)

  3. Replies
    1. Hvala <3 Tole je bila Essence folija za nohte (čez črn lak), potem pa naštempljan vzorec čez :)


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