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A while ago I was sent a surprise package from Slovenian online store They sent me some Makeup Revolution products, which is a fairly new brand on the market. I suck at beauty blogging that's why this review is coming so late.
Comment below if you have any tips how to take good makeup in action/closeup pics cause mine all turned out bad. Mad props to all you beauty bloggers out there :)
Here are the goodies I got:

This champagne eyeshadow is a great everyday choice. The payoff is great, you can use it as an eyeshadow or as a highlighter.You get 3.3g for 1.95€ here

This highlighter is gorgeous <3 As the name says, it has tiny golden shimmers. You need to be careful with application because it's extremly pigmented and a little goes a long way so I don't know if I'll ever use it up. You get 7.5 g for 4.95€ here

I loved this gloss for Summer (that little bit that we had). It's pretty thick but that makes it longlasting. It is slightly sticky, your hair will stick to it but I haven't found a lip gloss that wouldn't do that. The color is gorgeous, a pink leaning coral with no shimmer. You get 2ml for 2.95€ here

It's a nice nude shade but being a nude, it's a hit or miss depending on your skin tone. It's on the warm brown/pink side. It doesn't dry out the lips but it does accentuate any dry spots so it won't look good on dry lips. The staying power is good. You get 3.8g for 1.95€ here

Thanks again and thanks for stopping by**
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  1. The lip shade looks really nice as does the eyeshadow :-D

    1. t really s a pretty one <3 And the eyeshadow is just so practical :)

  2. Omg, highlighter je res prekrasen. <3

    1. Res je lep, malo me spominja na unega zlatega od Essence, iz metal kolekcije :)

  3. Meni je tudi highlighter všeč, ravno zato ker je podoben Essence Metal Glam highlighterju:)

    1. Nimam obeh, da bi naredila primerjavo ampak verjetno sta res podobna :) Zmanjkalo ga ne bo :)


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