Wednesday, December 31, 2014

Review of 2014: My favourite manis


Another year, another review :) Browsing through post I realised I obviously need to do more nail art cause I really like it but I feel like I'm always saying that :) Same as last year, I chose a fave mani for each month and I included the links to the original post. Let's check out what I've been up to.

Sunday, December 28, 2014

Essence Hello autumn Beauti-FALL red thermo nail polish


Beauti-FALL more like Beauti-FAIL :) I had such high hopes for this polish but unfortunately there's barely any color shift. Essence Hello autumn Beauti-FALL red is supposed to be a bright to dark red thermo polish. On me it's a medium to bright red, which isn't a bad thing but still. I'm late with this review so it's probably not available anymore. Such a helpful review eh? :)

Essence Hello autumn Beauti-FALL red 2 coats

Thursday, December 25, 2014

Current top coat favourites


Like many nail bloggers I'm always on the hunt for the best top coat :) Unfortunately I'm one of the lucky people that experiences polish shrinkage with many fast drying top coats so that limits my options quite a bit. My current two favourites are Essence Studio nails ultra gloss nail shine and Invincible II dry fast top coat

Monday, December 22, 2014

Essence Icy fairy

Can we talk about a fan favorite? Essence Icy fairy really made an impact on our blogging scene thanks to Mateja's swatch. I admit I would probably look right pass this baby cause it really doesn't look that spectacular in the bottle. Icy fairy is a blue to purple duochrome shimmer with small silver glitter and large hex holo glitters. It looks best over black for an effortless galaxy nails effect so I put it over Orly Goth <3
Unfortunately Essence is gonna discontinue Icy fairy soon so I strongly recommend you all get it while you still can.

Orly Goth 2 coats + Essence Icy Fairy 2 coats + top coat

Wednesday, December 17, 2014

Glow up already or I'm movin' on!


Oh sometimes the tittles really do write themselves :)
Just a quick post today, I'm tired as hell and I'm looking forward to 12 hours of lab work and classes *double yay* I usually don't get too festive around this time of the year so I don't know what got into me with this mani. Kinda embarrassing but I rocked this on my toes too :) I used OPI Glow up already!, gold based glitter with red, pink, green and blue sparse glitters in it and Essence Movin' on, my go to nudish shade. I also added gold studs cause why not.

That's it for today, hope we all have super productive day tomorrow :)

OPI Glow up already! 2 coats + Essence Movin' on 2 coats + top coat

Friday, December 12, 2014

Review: Born pretty store QA95 stamping plate


Here we go, last Born pretty store product of the bunch. QA95 stamping plate was on my wishlist for quite some time and since it's science related, I just couldn't pass it :) I borrowed this photo from their link cause I suck at taking normal pics of plates. You can see it full of different formulas, a flask and a structure (I feel a bit ashamed but at the moment I have no clue what that is :) I wanted it to look like a blackboard (green where I live) so I went with a matte, shimmery base (you can see the beautiful Veruschka here on it's own). The plate is etched very nicely, the only problem is that the images are very close together which makes isolating single images a bit hard. Other than that a pleasure to work with.

Zoya Veruschka 2 coats + Stargazer Chrome 232 + QA9095

Wednesday, December 10, 2014

Review: Bat wing glitter with Essence Oh my glitter!

Such a long and catchy title, I know :) I knew I needed this adorable Born pretty store bat glitter in my life the second I laid my eyes on them. They're glitters that are black and shaped like a bat = sold :) Unfortunately, the glitters are quite big and my nails curved so the placement of them on my nails was a bit of a struggle. I decided to pair them up but sadly that masks them up a bit. But as long as I know I'm wearing bats on my nails, I'm good :)
For the base I used Essence Oh my glitter!, gorgeous shimmery purple but quite a diva, I needed three coats and I still wasn't totally happy with the opacity.
All in all, the end effect was great <3

Essence Oh my glitter! 3 coats + Born pretty bat glitter + top coat

Saturday, December 6, 2014

Hedonists lace


Sometimes you need some color in your life and Models own Hed Kandi Hedonist is the perfect polish for it. Unfortunately my camera didn't capture it's full effect but it's an amazing mix of pink, orange and red. The formula is great for a neon, I needed two coats to reach opacity. With the products I got sent from Born pretty store was also a product I bought; cute lace water decals. Love how delicate they look <3 Usually I pair lace designs with nude or pastel shades so this neon combination was a nice change. Hope you like this as much as I did :)

Models own Hedonist 2 coats + lace water decals + top coat

Wednesday, December 3, 2014

Review: Born pretty store studs

If you follow me on instagram you probably already saw the package Born pretty store sent me.
Next couple of posts will be sponsored but my reviews will be honest as always.
First thing that caught my attention were these iridescent pearl and black studs. I love the fact that you get a great variety, 2 colors and 3 different shapes. After closer inspection I also noticed that the color shift varies, combinations are green orange, purple blue, green pink..

Saturday, November 29, 2014

P2 Opulent


Long week no post :) I had a busy week so I put blogging on the side track but I'm back with this little beauty <3 P2 Opulent is a black sand polish packed with green glitter. In the bottle it looks like a green purple duochrome but the effect is not visible on the nail. Still pretty :) It took two coats to get it opaque. I was also amazed by it's durability, I had it on for 6 day and it also survived swimming with minor tip damage. Strongly recommend :) 
P2 Opulent 2 coats

Sunday, November 23, 2014

Damask nails with QA90


Like I said in my previous post,  P2 Lost in Glitter Get gorgeous! didn't wanna chip on my nails so I upgraded it with a gorgeous damask pattern from Born pretty stamping plate QA90
I like their stamping plates, I think the quality went up and they're often on sale. I bought this one a while ago for a dollar I believe. Excuse the shitty clean up, Konad black stamping polish is great for stamping and a pain for cleanup :(

  P2 Lost in Glitter Get gorgeous! 3 coats + Konad black + QA90 + top coat

Thursday, November 20, 2014

Review: P2 Lost in Glitter Get gorgeous!


Today I have for you another polish that was sent from mojadrogerija.si. We could picky any P2 nail polish - a heaven for any nail blogger :) I obviously gravitated towards glitter (love me some glitter puke <3). Gold is usually not my color but P2 Lost in Glitter Get gorgeous! looked so unique that I had to pick it up. It's like nothing in my nail polish stash, a gold shimmer base with holo glitters and chunky hexagons. The only downside is opacity, you need three thin coats to make it opaque but luckily they dry fast. The brush is a classic round brush and I had no problems with the application. The finish is a bit gritty but you can still get away without using any topcoat. This baby was very longlasting, after four days it still looked intact so did some stamping over it (coming in my next blogpost:). Obviously I strongly recomend this polish :)

Danes imam za vas še en lak, ki mi ga je poslala spletna trgovina mojadrogerija.si. Izbrala sem si lahko katerikoli barvni P2 lak za nohte - kaj drugega še lahko prosiš nail blogerko :) Najbolj so me pritegnili laki iz kolekcije Lost in glitter <3. Kljub temu, da zlata sicer ni moja barva, me je najbolj pritegnil P2 Lost Glitter Get gorgeous! Lak je res nekaj posebnega, sama kljub obsežni zbirki stekleničk laka česa podobnega še nimam. Lak ima bazo z zlatim šimrom, v njej pa holo bleščice in večje šestkotnike. Edina slaba stran je slabša prekrivnost, za popolno prekrivnost sem potrebovala tri tanke sloje, a se na srečo plasti hitro posušijo. Čopič je klasičen in mi ni povzročal težav pri nanosu. Brez uporabe nadlaka se lak (kot večino bleščičastih lakov) posuši v grob finiš (slovenski izrazi, povezani z nohti, očitno niso moja zadeva :) Lak je zelo obstojen, po štirih dnev je še vedno izgledal super, nadgradila pa sem ga še s štempljanjem (objava sledi v kratkem). Jaz vam P2 Lost in Glitter Get gorgeous močno priporočam, za 3,86€ ga lahko dobite na mojadrogerija.si

  P2 Lost in Glitter Get gorgeous! 3 coats + top coat

Saturday, November 15, 2014

Essence Juicy love


Whether you think a bright red polish is classy or thrashy, I'll take it everyday <3 It's powerful and feminine.
I'm wearing Essence Juicy love and let me tell you, Essence did it again. This polish is superb in terms of quality. The formula is fantastic and I only needed one coat to achieve full opacity. The brush was fairly decent too. If you're looking for a bright red polish, I say give this one a go <3

Essence Juicy love 1 coat + top coat

Monday, November 10, 2014

Review: P2 Via Medici lipstick


Today I have something new for you: first lipstick review ever on my blog yay :) mojadrogerija.com sent Slovenian blogger a P2 lip product of our choice. I chose a lipstick from the P2 Pure color line, P2 Via Medici. Let's start from the outside in. The packaging is silver and simple, I like the idea of top being used as a mini mirror. The downside is visible fingerprints but it doesn't bother me too much. Via Medici is a gorgeous shade, a mix between pink and brown, on your lips it can go either way depending of your skin tone. The quality is superb, this creamy lipstick glides on your lips like butter and doesn't accentuate any dry spots. The finish is creamy. Longevity is great too, it survives drinking, but eating will take away the shine and leave you with a matte finish. P2 is a German drugstore brand not available in our stores however you can get it on mojadrogerija.si. For only 3,5€ you get 4,5 grams of product. I would strongly recommend this lipstick and from what I've heard from other bloggers, the whole range is great. 

Danes vam bom predstavila šminko, ki jo nosim ze cel mesec skoraj vsak dan :) mojadrogerija.com je slovenskim blogerkam poslala P2 izdelek za ustnice po lastni izbiri. Izbrala sem šminko iz P2 Pure Color linije, P2 Via Medici. Embalaža je preprosta in kompaktna, super se mi zdi tudi ideja uporabe vrha pokovčka kot mini ogledala. Slaba stran je, da so na njej hitro vidni  prstni odtisi, vendar to ne moti me preveč. Via Medici je krasen odtenek, mešanica roza in rjave barve, kako bo izpadla na ustnicah pa je odvisno od podtona kože. Kakovost je odlična, šminka je zelo kremasta in se zato zlahka nanaša, prav tako  ne poudarjaja suhih predelov. Na mojih ustnicah je obstojnost dobra, zdrži pitje, obrok pa ji vzame sijaj.  
P2 je nemška drogerijska znamka in v naših fizičnih trgovinah žal ni dostopna, lahko pa jo dobite v spletni trgovini mojadrogerija.si. Za samo 3,5 dobiš 4,5 gramov izdelka. Sama odtenek Via Medici zelo priporočam, je pa po mnenju drugih blogerk linija Pure Color zelo dobra :)

Saturday, November 8, 2014

Catch of the month: October


Can you believe I haven't bought a single polish this month? Crazy, I know :) These were all gifts from the Catrice and Essence blogger event. Let me know which review you would like to see first :)

Wednesday, November 5, 2014

Essence Good girl bad girl LE Caught in the middle


As you can see, there's been a small change in my nails. I broke two a few days ago and to be honest, I'm still not over it :( I had them long for quite a few months now and I'm really not used to shorties. But oh well, they will grow eventually. Now to the good stuff: Essence Good girl bad girl LE finally came out! I really wanted Essence Caught in the middle nail polish with leather effect. It's a black sand polish with a twist, instead of just glitter in contains shards in various colors. I love how it looks in the bottle and on the nails. This was two coats, the formula is not the best but still manageable. The polish is very thick because of the glitters and shards, but the base is very jelly. Also, cleanup is practically impossible. In the end, I still think this polish is worth the hassle <3

Essence Good girl bad girl LE Caught in the middle 2 coats

Sunday, November 2, 2014

Essence and Catrice giveaway winner


I'm glad to announce the winner of my Essence and Catrice giveaway and it's..............

a Rafflecopter giveaway

Congratz Kim V., I will send you an email asap :)

To the rest, thank you all for participating and better luck next time.

Thanks for stopping by**

Thursday, October 30, 2014

Catrice Feathered Fall Skies' force


Today I have for you a gorgeous polish that I got at the Essence&Catrice event, Catrice Feathered Fall Skies´ Force. Skies' force s a gorgeous green polish with blue flecks and subtle purple shimmer. It has an interesting finish between chunky shimmer and glass flecks. Either way it's gorgeous. This were two easy coats plus topcoat. The removal was surprisingly easy too. It even has a normal straight cut brush <3 Good job Catrice.

Catrice Feathered Fall Skies´ Force 2 coats plus top coat

Sunday, October 26, 2014

Duck the haters

This little ducky got no time for that, she has places to wobble :)
Enjoy your Sunday <3

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Wednesday, October 22, 2014

Guest blogger: Hot mess stilettos


As the tittle says, today my blog is hosting a guest writer, my dear friend Gin from Baroque fool She is a master of stamping and nail art and here manicures amaze me everytime <3 We set a "Hot mess stilettos" theme because we both like stiletto nails and well.....we're hot messes and loving it :) If you wanna se the nails I did, better head to her blog Baroque fool


My name is Gin and miss Hysteria is my BPFF (Best polish friend forever) and now I finally got the honor to be featured on her blog :) My blog is not nearly as classy or full of swatches as this one so I went all out and made some nail art with stuff we both like - blacks, shiny things and rhinestones. The theme was 'Hot mess stilettos' and I think this look is definitely something Ke$ha would wear and that says a lot since she is miss Hysterias spirit animal ;)

For this look I used:
- Color club Beyond as base 
- Essence Hello flashy nail foil
- Essence Stamp me! black 
- Lilly Anna 08 stamping plate

Sunday, October 19, 2014

Essence and Catrice giveaway


Like I said in my yesterdays post, I have a small giveaway from you. We got so many products at the Essence and Catrice event so I feel I should share them with my readers. I know this is more of a nail polish blog but I'm sure a lot of my readers use makeup too :)

The prize is:
Catrice Vitamin lip treatment
Catrice Ombre top coat
Essence 3D eyeshadow 07 Irresistible fullmoon flash
Essence Glossy lipbalm 07 Raspberry sorbet
Essence Effect lipgloss 02 Jewels in a bottle
Essence Effect lipgloss  08 OH LA LA! 
Catrice Beautifying lip smoother 020 Apricot cream
Catrice Volumizing lip booster
Catrice 3 in 1 Skin tone adapting mMake up 010 Lighter skin
Essence Click & go nails Glow in the night
Essence Lash princess volume mascara
Essence Liquid ink high shine eyeliner
Essence Lipliner 14 Femme fatal
Essence Nail art stickers 13 Neon
Essence Nail art stickers 12 Glow in the dark
Essence silky touch blush 80Autumn peach
Catrice Velvet finish powder 020 Natural velvet
Essence Soo glow! cream to powder highlighter 20 Bright up your life
Essence Effect eyeshadow 02 Brazil's sunset

Now to some technical stuff:
- this giveaway is open internationally
- the giveaway ends on Saturday, November 1th at midnight
- the winner will be chosen randomly and be notified with an e-mail
- the winner will have 48 hours to respond otherwise a new winner will be chosen
- the prize was gifted to me

a Rafflecopter giveaway

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Saturday, October 18, 2014

Essence and Catrice blogger event 2014


If you follow Slovenian blogger you probably already know that Cosnova organised another blogger event. I was invited last year and it was fantastic, I didn't believe they could improve anything but boy was I wrong. This year the event was even better and more organised. Before the event a few bloggers went for a cup of coffee and after a short and fun ride with the funicular we arrived at the Ljubljana castle. 

The event was held at a beautiful hall that's actually a wedding hall :) We were greeted by the lovely employees and delicious fruit cocktails/smoothies. We had time to take some photos and then the presentation started. It was a short and interesting presentation of both brands, Essence and Catrice, they even showed us some previews of the upcoming collections. After the presentation they told us we can take 10 products of each brands - heaven! So we all started browsing and swatching all the products. We could also get makeup and nails done. I can't forget to mention how delicious the food was, the macaroons were amazeballs and everything looked so pretty with the Essence and Catrice logos. They even had coffee so I would be totally pleased with just that *coffee addict here*
The biggest surprise was when the event ended, we each got 2 big bags filled with products and the cutest stationary <3 I am still in shock and I feel so spoiled. I already gave some to my family and friends and some will be on my blog tomorrow in a giveaway.

My photos are not the best because I always get so excited haha :) A lot of bloggers already have their post up so I will link them below and you can check their post and photos too. I really wish I could chat with them more but I'm extremely introverted and the bigger the crowd the quieter I get, but it was nice to see so many bloggers I follow in person.

Thank you again Natalija and the rest of Cosnova team <3 

Katja from Viva la vida
Živa from Nothin' fancy. Really
Taya from Taya - My Little Beauty World
Mateja from Mateja's beauty blog
Tinna from Tinna's pink place
Polona from UniqaPoly
Ajda and Tjaša from Ajda&Tjasa's beauty corner
Gejba from Parokeets
Ajda from Etiketa magazin and Ajda's blog
Sara from Passing fancy
Tamara from Cherry colors
Gin from Baroque fool
Urška from Get them curious
Katja from Nail2express

Wednesday, October 15, 2014

Models own Absinthe


Lately I've been neglecting greens but now with Fall time they should get the love that deserve <3 Models own Absinthe is a gorgeous glittery green polish from their Velvet goth collection. There are two different sizes of glitter in a jelly forest green base which gives it amazing depth. I could get away with only one coat but then the polish looks much greener and not as dark. I'm so happy I finally got this pretty (and two of his siblings), Velvet goth was truly an amazing collection. And don't even get me started on the packaging, I love the velvet cap <3

Models own Absinthe 2 coats plus top coat

Sunday, October 12, 2014

Review: Montagne jeunesse face mask


I got some products from a Slovenian online store mojadrogerija.si, a face mask and a gorgeous lipstick. I wanted to show lipstick first but then I got a gross herpes so the mask comes first :)

The manufacturer says: Cleanse your skin with our Strawberry Soufflé face masque as part of your regime for a purified, toned smooth complexion. Loaded with natural goodness which leaves skin hydrated and refreshed allow your skin to breathe with soothing Aloe Vera & calming Vanilla.

I have dry skin so I was glad when they sent me this mask. I love using face masks, store bought or home made and usually Sunday nights are my pamper night. Even if the mask doesn't work, those 15 minutes that I take solely for myself are priceless.

My experience: this mask smells like a strawberry smoothie <3 The consistency is nice and thick and doesn't drip of your face. My tester size contained 5 ml and it was just enough for entire face, full size mask contains 15 ml. It has small particles in so when you wash it off it also works as a slight peeling. My skin felt moisturised but it after an hour I got that tight feeling again and I had to put some moisturizer on.
I would recommend this mask to anyone who loves creamy strawberry scent (it's quite heavy scented) and has medium to dry skin.

Pred časom sem v oceno dobila dva izdelka spletne trgovine mojadrogerija.si Danes imam za vas oceno maske za obraz Jagodni sufle, sledi pa še ocena šminke (ko izgine herpes z moje ustnice :). 
Maske uporabljam redno, običajno ob nedeljah in obožujem tistih 15 minut, ko lahko vse odklopim. Imam suho kožo brez večjih nepravilnosti, zato pri maskah iščem predvsem vlago. 

Proizvajalec pravi: Jagode, vanilija in aloe vera – prava poslastica za tvojo kožo.
Jagoda bo kožo osvežila in navlažila, aloe vera jo  bo pomirila, vanilija pa poskrbela, da bo postala gladka in mehka. 

Moja izkušnja: maska diši po jagodnem smutiju <3 Je pa vonj zelo močan, tako da če vam taki vonji ne ustrezajo, mogoče maska ne bo za vas. Moj testni paket je vseboval 5ml izdelka, drugače pa dobite 15ml maske. Je goste konsistence, tako da ne teče z obraza. Ob spiranju sem opazila, da vsebuje tudi male delce, ki delujejo kot blag piling. Moja koža je bila navlažena, po kakšni uri pa me je začelo zategovati tako sem vseeno mogla nanesti kremo. Priporočila bi jo vsem ljubiteljem jagodnih vonjev z navadno do suho kožo.
Masko Jagodni sufle lahko najdete tukaj, mojadrogerija.si pa ponuja še veliko drugih mask.

Wednesday, October 8, 2014

Gold topped Red romance


Today I have another Fall inspired post - the ultimate Fall topper polish. Gold flakes were all the rage last Fall when cheaper gold flake toppers came to the market. I was lucky enough to snatch Essence Steel-ing the scene from the Metal glam collection
I paired it with another Essence polish, Red romance from the Dark romance collection.    
This is a great polish, it's matte so it dries instantly and is super pigmented. It also has a great brush (I know you can still make them right Cosnova ;)
As a side note, this mani lasted me a whooping 7 days with minimal chipping! Usually polish chips or I get bored with it but I didn't even want to take this one off <3 I think my new top coat could have something to do with it, I need to test it out more and then I'll do a review.

Essence Red romance (1 coat) + Essence Steel-ing the scene gold topper (1 coat) + top coat

Sunday, October 5, 2014

My favorite Fall polishes

Can you believe I've never done a post like this before? Shame since Fall is my favourite season <3
I generally don't divide shades into seasons, I just wear whatever I like but I do gravitate towards some colors more in the Fall.

Friday, October 3, 2014

Now on Instagram too

As you could guess from the tittle, Hysteria of decay is now on Instagram too, instagram.com/hysteriaofdecay. Yes, I gave into the peer pressure :) If you ever wondered about my personal life, behind the scene of Hysteria of decay, what I look like, what I eat or how my cat looks, you can get nosy :)
I'm also looking for bloggers/readers to follow so if you want to, you can leave your IG name in the comment and I will check you out <3

Thanks for stopping by**


Wednesday, October 1, 2014

Neon studded Yes love


Another quick post today, I'm on fire :) Lately I've been trying to get more into nail art but since I'm such a beginner I went for this simple yet nice design.
For the base I used Wet'n'wild Darkest hour and then added Yes love glow in the dark G14-3 and some neon green studs. I loved wearing this mani, it's so me.

Catch of the month: September


It's October yaaaay :) I'm super excited, I just adore Fall <3
Let's jump right in and see what I bought in the past month.

Sunday, September 28, 2014

Baroque fool

Today I have an older mani to show you. I wore it back in the summer but it was too special to put it in my summertime manis post. It's special because it's so pretty and because it wasn't made by me. My bff miss Gin Shivers did this one and I must admit it felt weird let someone else do my nails. She the queen of layering stamps so that's just what we did. The plates were Lily Anna 07 and 08.The stamping polishes used were the awesome Mundo de unas, blue and neon yellow. I must admit I would never came up with this idea on my own but the result was just so pretty <3

Wednesday, September 24, 2014

Polish yer hooves Zombie cow blood

Today I'm gonna show you Polish yer hooves nail polish Zombie cow blood (love the name, very fitting). It's a green scattered holo, a bit sheer like most holos are so I put it over a green base (2 coats of Essence Check me out). Ths would be a great Halloween option <3 It's been a while since I wore green nails so this sparkly polish was quite a refreshment.
I got this polish from miss Gin and in case you don't know (like I didn't), Polish yer hooves is a small indie brand, you can check their Facebook page and their store

Saturday, September 20, 2014

Review: Born pretty store water decals (Galaxy cat nails)


Can I just start this by saying this is probably my favourite manicure ever? It has cats and it has space, what else beside coffee would you need?
I've been eyeing these cute animal water decals for a while. There's no other way to do cat decals other than match them with galaxy nails so that's exactly what I did. If you like the idea, go check out OMG cats in space

Decals are great, the quality of the print is good, hey don't tear and they lay nice and flat on the nail. You get a great variety of cute cats, dogs, ducks, bows and flowers so the mani options are endless.
Nail decals are available here for 3.99$ and you can browse for more nail art here 
You can get 10% off your purchase with the code SAWQ10

Thursday, September 18, 2014

Review: Makeup Revolution


A while ago I was sent a surprise package from Slovenian online store licila.si. They sent me some Makeup Revolution products, which is a fairly new brand on the market. I suck at beauty blogging that's why this review is coming so late.
Comment below if you have any tips how to take good makeup in action/closeup pics cause mine all turned out bad. Mad props to all you beauty bloggers out there :)
Here are the goodies I got:

Saturday, September 13, 2014

Review: Born pretty store nail stickers


I got two more Born pretty store products to test, one are these fun summertime nail stickers. 
The packaging is classic, you get 14 strips in different sizes which is great cause you can do a full mani and you still have some left for accent nails. It also gives you a better chance at finding the correct strip size for your nail (but you can also cut them, they're soft and they don't tear). 
The stickers are beautiful but unfortunately my experience wasn't good. It's not the stickers fault, it's my curvy nails :( As a result, I couldn't get a nice smooth application as you can see in the photos below. Such a shame, I bet these would look amazing on flatter nails.

Nail stickers are available here for 2.99$ and you can browse for more nail art here 
You can get 10% off your purchase with the code SAWQ10

Wednesday, September 10, 2014

Ikona event (The New Black & Kardashian beauty)


Am I late to the party or what? :) Back in July Ikona Ljubljana organised a blogger event, presenting us with new brands on our market, The New Black and Kardashian beauty. We were greeted by the lovely employers who gave us a short presentation of the store and the two brands. After that, we were free to browse the products, eat some chocolates and drink delicious tea..
As a nail blogger I gravitated more toward The New Black products so I was really excited when I saw their nail polish in the goodie bag we got.

Saturday, September 6, 2014

Review: Born pretty stamping plate QA75


I got to test another great Born pretty store product, QA75 stamping plate. The images are very similar, floral patterns and a perfume bottle. What I really like about it is that it's big (insert a dirty joke here if you want to :) When my nails get longer, most stamping plates don't work me anymore because the images don't cover the entire length of my nail. These patterns are long enough to no not give me any problems so I'll be able to use it even with my claws <3.

This stamping plate is available  here for 2.99$ and more nail art here 
You can get 10% off your purchase with the code SAWQ10

Wednesday, September 3, 2014

Catrice Must-Have STEELetto


Catrice came out with some new polishes. Good thing: the colors are gorgeous. Bad thing: the brushes are still horrendous! I truly believe that Catrice staff consists of sadistic people who probably laugh every time someone says "new and improved brush". Catrice I love your polishes, please please please bring the original brushes back!
I wanted to buy First class up-grade but then I saw swatches and comparison on Danny's blog (go check her post here, she's an awesome blogger) and decided that I don't need it. But I did get Catrice Must-Have STEELetto, a beautiful metallic silver lilac polish. Two coats were enough, formula is ok and the brush....well scroll down for the brush pics :)

Catrice Must-Have STEELetto: 2 coats + top coat

Sunday, August 31, 2014

Summertime manis part 2


I'm back yay :) Life is still hectic but I love nail polish and blogging about it so what is a bit more work on top of a lot of work, right? 
Here's what I've been wearing on my nails since my last post.

Click for more detailed photos and see you again next week <3

Sunday, August 3, 2014

Summertime manis part 1


How is everyone? I hope you're having a wonderful warm Summer :) Just a quick post to show you what I've been wearing the past weeks.

Click for more photos and see you again next month <3

Sunday, June 15, 2014

Summertime checkout


Remember the Summer of 2012 on my blog? I'm doing a similar break this year too. Between work, exams, lab work for my thesis there's really not much time for anything else. I'm not a quitter but I'm not gonna pretend I'm this super pefect person, who can have it all under control.
I will still polish my nails and I'll probably do a collage for each month just like I did in 2012. I hope I'll see you all again in Fall, take care and polish your nails <3

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Thursday, June 12, 2014

Thursday, June 5, 2014

Thursday, May 29, 2014

Neon summer tribal


- Color club Wham! Pow!
- Models own Bubblegum
- Born pretty QA66 stamping plate
- Konad black

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