Sunday, March 31, 2013

Essence Floral grunge TE nailpolish swatches


First off: Happy Easter to everyone that celebrated it. I know, I'm so early :) I had some Internet connection problems today so I'm late with this post. Today was also my birthday yaay! I can't believe I'm 24 already, I feel like such an old fart :)

Now to the nails. Floral grunge by Essence finally hit our stores. Usually Muller gets the collections first and then other stores get it a few weeks later. But not this time, I got this polishes in DM practically the same day that Muller got them. So I thought I'd do a simple skittle manicure, so that if you like anything, you can still get it in stores. I came to an untouched stand. In the end I decided to only take three polishes with me. I went for texture, the suede Grunge me tender!, the rough Black to the roots and the matte Madly purpled.

Grunge me tender! is a gorgeous minty green shade. I was really surprised but it's my favorite. Love the tiny subtle shimmer that it has. Kinda sheer, I needed three coats but it's worth it.
Black to the roots is a black matte nail polish with silver glitters. It's very opaque, this are two thin coats.
Madly purpled is a matte purple/dirty lilac. It needed two coats and has similar shimmer that Grunge me tender! has.

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Thursday, March 28, 2013

Color club Wham! Pow!


Does this ever happen to you? You polish your nails, take pics of it and then you're in a hurry and you leave them on camera and import them on your computer a few days later to realize that they are totally off? Of course your nails are a completely different color by then. No? Never? Yeah me neither :)

In real life Wham! Pow! is the perfect neon orange but I guess my camera disagrees :( It was also super opaque in two coats, I was really surprised. This was as said two coats with no white base and topcoat. I will force my BF to take photos of it some other time, so that I will do it justice :)

Daylight lamp:


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Saturday, March 23, 2013

Dating time with Huntsman


Such a romantic title...while in reality those dates would consist of me yelling profanities at them :) But it does look good on the nails. Can you tell I'm into layering lately?
For the base I used P2 Dating time, the perfect red creme. Not too dark, not to bright. Love P2 brushes and their polishes stay on me forever. One coat was enough, i was impressed. For the topper I used Huntsman from Essence's Snow white TE. It's an interesting mix of smaller and bigger gold/copper glitter and shards, which flash green under certain angles.
Stay tuned for more layering :)

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Thursday, March 21, 2013

Catrice Lucky in lilac/Essence Glisten up!


Spring is coming! Never mind that it snowed two days ago :) At least I hope it's coming, I've had enough of winter. Don't get me wrong, I love winter and snow, just not in March. So I thought I should do something lighter in my nails. 

For the base I used Catrice Lucky in lilac, a super opaque lilac creme and the topper is the long discontinued Essence Glisten up! Really don't know what you were thinking Essence, discontinuing this beauty.

I love this combination, it's subtle yet so pretty <3

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Sunday, March 17, 2013

Color club Otherworldly


As most of you already know, Google Reader will stop on July 1st. So I added a new option for my readers, you can follow me from now on through Bloglovin' too :)

Today I wanna show you a very special nail polish. This is Otherworldly from Color club's Starry Temptress collection for summer 2011. This collection was awesome, full of bright jelly like polishes with dense holo glitter that kinda stops being holo once you put it on. I also have this little guys neon green and purple siblings cause I like totally needed them, you know? :)
This is two coats of vivid blue perfectness. It's opaque enough to not have any visible nail line in real life yet sheer enough so the glitter is nicely visible.

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Thursday, March 14, 2013

Catrice Sky and snow


When Catrice came out with their Siberian call collection I was pretty meh about it. But then I was shopping one day with miss Gin and we found a forgotten stand. She was like trust me, you need Sky and snow. I don't need much convincing to buy nail polish so i got it :)
I thought it's not gonna be that noticeable on nails, just a subtle shimmer but luckily I was wrong. This glass flecked topcoat is packed. It's so gorgeous with flashes of blue, purple and orange. This was one coat over black base. Can't wait to try it over different colors.

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Saturday, March 9, 2013

OPI German-icure by OPI


I'm in the dark again :) I was in the mood for something classy (you know, like the classy lady that I am). So I went with another dark shimmery red, this time it was OPI's turn. German-icure by OPI is a part of their German collection, which was really good in my opinion, a lot of classic colors. It's a beautiful dark red, packed with shimmer. Easy application, fully opaque in two thin coats. It's only problem is the durability, I got tip wear the same day and I wrapped them. It's a thing I get with a few other OPI's too, must be my body chemistry.


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Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Perfect Holographic H1


*update* For all of you asking, you can buy it here http://beautycosmetic.biz/perfect-perfect-holographic-nail-polish-p-8749.html?language=en

Nomen est omen, this little guy really is perfect :) When I was ordering Perfect polishes I was a bit skeptical. 1,05€ for a holo, even a small amount of 6,5 ml seemed too good to be true. I was expecting a weak holo effect but boy was I wrong. When they say holographic they mean it. What's even better, this is one (1!) coat over Nfu.oh Aquabase, this holo applied like butter. The brush is just perfect (no pun), I didn't need any clean up. I was super excited about wearing it on my nails. I showed it to my BF and his first reaction was: "Ohhh it's holo" I could marry him right then and there :)

Swatches are without topcoat cause it dulls the effect, I tried it on one nail on my right hand. I did however wrap the tips with topcoat cause holos usually have bad staying power. H1 however managed to stay on my nails intact for 4 days. Pure love, I tell you .)


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Sunday, March 3, 2013

Catch of the month: February


Another month passed by and this are the goodies I got during February.
Catrice is changing the brush so all of their shades are reduced to 1,99 € (some shades are coming back, some not)
- Catrice Am I blue or green?
- Catrice Sky and snow (Siberian call TE)
- Catrice Steel my soul
- Catrice King of greens 

I also ordered some nail polish from beautycosmetic.biz. The holos are amazing and very cheap, 1,05€ per bottle.
- Perfect Holographic H1
- Perfect Holographic H3
- Perfect Holographic H4
- Perfect Holographic H5

- Perfect Holographic H6
- Perfect Holographic H7
- Perfect Holographic H8
- Golden rose Jolly jewels 113

Lastly I got some lose glitter from the Euro shop (funny, 6 pack of them was 2€), mainly because of the top row :)

It went kinda well this month? I don't know :)
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