Sunday, November 3, 2013

Catch of the month: October


It's November yay! My favourite month of the year! I did moderately well this month.

First are the goodies I took at Catrice and Essence event (I told you I did really good):
- Essence Beauty beats TE Baby, baby, ooh!
- Essence Beauty beats TE As long as you love me
- Essence Show your feet Electric blue
- Essence Happy holidays Run. run Rudolph!

The rest are random buys and gifts:
- Tony Moly SH02 Staring Peach
- Tony Moly SH04 Pink Square
- Kilox Zulu
- Catrice Rocking royals TE Royal blue

- Essence Superheroes TE Fantastic girl
- Essence Superheroes TE The awesome
- Maybelline Colorama Polka dots 197
- Essence Me & my lover

- Born pretty nail stickers (product sent for review)
- Born pretty water decals (product sent for review)

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  1. Is there something special about the Essence "toe nail polish," like the brush or something?

    1. No, the brush is a standard flat brush. This polishes have some sort of antibacterial formula :) They're great because they're very pigmented

  2. Samo 4 lake si uzela? wouuu good girl!

    1. Aham :) Itak večino njihovih lakov že mam :)

    2. Uff jaz sem se pa na dekorativo vrgla :)

  3. Si bila pa res pridna na Essence dogodku. Jaz sem zase tudi vzela samo 4 lake, pa od tega bom verjetno enega še dala za giveaway, sem jih pa zato ta mesec kupila veliko. Ups. :/ Me pa zelo zanimajo BPS vodne nalepke, nekateri motivi so prav krasni. :)

    1. Zelo :) Vodne nalepke so res lepe, mam že poslikano, pride objava konec tedna :)


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