Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Essence Superheroes TE Fantastic girl


On Wednesday I had a lucky day, I found a pretty untouched stand of Essence Superheroes TE. To be honest I expected more from this collection s I only took two polishes, the thermo Fantastic girl and the galaxy The awesome. Nail polish remover was also tempting cause I've never it in gel form before but I decided to wait for reviews (if you've seen any, please link me up). Now on to the polish, I decided to try Fantastic girl first. Essence did quite a good job with this one. In the bottle and when cold it's purple and muted fuchsia when warmer. The effect is really nice under cold water but the shift is so fast I couldn't take proper pick but Taya did manage to get them (you can see her post here). This is how it looked normally on hands, pinker over nail beds and darker where the free edge is. This was two coats, the consistency was a bit jelly but it applied nicely.

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Saturday, October 26, 2013

Tony Moly Nail Shuffle SH02 Staring Peach


Today I have this super cute nail polish for you. Usually I don't go for shades like this but because it's a neon-ish pastel, I had to have it (and it's pink and yellow sibling :)
This are two coats over white since it's a pretty sheer polish. It contains different glitter in white, orange and red and it ranges from dots, squares to stars <3 It dries semi matte so I put topcoat on. This polish (or the layering combination) is very durable and it didn't chip on me for many days, I took it off cause I got bored of it and I had a huge nail growth showing. I got it of eBay for around 4-5 euros if anyone wondered.

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Wednesday, October 23, 2013

Review: Heart nail stickers


This is the second product I was sent by Mojadrogerija. We could chose nail stickers. I decided to go a bit out of my comfort zone so I chose the cutes girliest nail stickers ever :)
I love the variety of heard shaped stickers that you get but unfortunately they didn't work for my nail type. My nail beds are very curved and the stickers are flat so you can predict what happen; the stickers lifted on the edges and didn't wanna stick to the curves of my nails, even with topcoat on. The glue on them is quite strong so I'm sure they would work just fine on someone with flatter nail beds.

Tole pa je še drugi izdelek, ki mi ga je ta mesec poslala Mojadrogerija. Ta mesec smo si lahko izbrale tudi nalepke za nohte. Odločila sem se, da poskusim nekaj netipičnega zame, zato sem vzela najbolj punčkaste nalepke, ki so bile na voljo. Všeč mi je, da je v kompletu veliko različnih nalepk, saj lahko tako ustvarimo več efektov na nohtih. Na žalost pa nalepke niso želele sodelovati z mojimi nohtu. Moje nohtne posteljice so zelo ukrivljene, nalepke pa so dokaj toge in ravne. Čeprav je lepilo precej močno, so se mi robovi vseeno dvigovali kljub nadlaku ( Verjetno pa bi nalepke ustrezale nekomu z bolj ploščatimi nohti.

Essence Very berry, Flormar matte M01, nail stickers

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Friday, October 18, 2013

Review: MeMeMe Drama eyes eyeshadow quad


I have another monthly review for you, with products provided by Mojadrogerija. This month we could chose an eyeshadow quad/trio and nail stickers (coming up in my next post).

Danes imam za vas ponovno mesečno oceno izdelkov za spletno trgovino Moja drogerija. Ta mesec smo lahko izbirale med senčili in nalepkami za nohte (ocena v naslednji objavi).

Blue eyeshadow has a »stigma« of being a big no no but I absolutely love blue eyeshadow when done right. I chose MeMeMme eyeshadow quad in Drama eyes. First of I love the packaging; it's small yet sturdy and I can open it with one hand (my biggest pet peeve is when packaging is hard to open). These are baked eyeshadows which means they are shimmery and sheer but buildable. The only thing I don't like too much is that there is no separation of the four eyeshadows. And because they're small, you need to be really careful not to mix them up. They also work great wet, I used a wet brush and the darkest eyeshadow as an eyeliner on my upper lid.
You can get it for 9,84 euros here.

Modro senčilo se ponavadi znajde na seznamu najhujših napak pri ličenju. Meni pa so bila modra senčila vedno čudovita <3 Odločila sem se za četvorček senčil MeMeMe Drama eyes. Zelo mi je všeč embalaža, saj je majhna ampak vseeno »trpežna« in se zlahka odpre in zapre (mene zelo moti, če si lomim nohte med odpiranjem produkta).
Gre za »pečena« senčila, kar pomeni da so bleščeča in prosojna, s slojenjem pa postanejo bolj prekrivna. Edina stvar ki me moti je ta, da senčila med seboj niso ločena in moramo biti previdni s čopičem, da ne mešamo odtenkov med sabo.
Senčila lahko uporabljamo tudi mokra, pred uporabo samo navlažimo čopič. To tehniko sem uporabila pri najtemnejšem senčilu in ga nanesla na zgornjo veko kot črtalo.
Četvorček stane 9,84 eurov, dobite pa ga lahko tukaj

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Saturday, October 12, 2013

Lace nails


More stamping for you :) This time I went for something softer and classier - lace nails. For the base I used Essie Topless & barefoot and then stamped with Konad m57 for the net and some random plates for the little flowers. I really enjoyed wearing this mani <3

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Wednesday, October 9, 2013

Every demon wants its pound of flesh . . .


Since I had shorter nails due to breakage I decided to try some stamping again. My pointy nails were to long for over-the-nail stamping and I suck at stamping small images in the center of my nails so I avoided it :) But with shorter nails it worked out just great. My stampings are not perfect but considering I don't do it often I'm pretty pleased with the result. For the base I used Essence Fatal and then I used Konad m83 plate and Essence A piece of forever for stamping. For topcoat I used Essence Nail art sealing top coat and it didn't smudge the polish (unfortunately the old version of this top coat isn't available no more).

I loved wearing this mani, it reminded me of pretty wallpapers <3

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Saturday, October 5, 2013

Review: OPI San Francisco mini set


Today I have another review for you. Slovenian online store Za piko na i sent me OPI San Francisco mini set. It contains four small 3,5 ml polishes. The bottles are so cute and tiny, perfect for someone who already has a lot of nail polish.

Danes imam za vas ponovno oceno. Spletna trgovina Za piko na i mi je poslala OPI San Francisco mini set. Komplet vsebuje štiri 3,5ml lake. Stekleničke so majhne in luštne, super za ljudi ki že imajo veliko lakov za nohte.

First Date at he Golden Gate
Muir Muir on the Wall
In the Cable Car-Pool Lane
Peace & Love & OPI

This is what OPI says (I'm doing this for the fun of it, their descriptions are usually way off :)
First Date at the Golden Gate - You and me and this shimmery ruby make three. 
Personally I don't see the shimmer. It needed three coats and it looks a bit more brick red in real life.

Tole so uradni opisi strani Za piko na i in so veliko boljši kot OPI opisi :)
First Date at he Golden Gate - Klasična temnejša rdeča, s krasnim izjemno sijočim creamy finišem.
Na sliki sem uporabila tri sloje, je pa odtenek malo bolj opečnato rdeč.

Muir Muir on the Wall - This trailblazing plum is the fairest of all. 
This is my favourite of the bunch <3 It's a perfect black base with tons of purple shimmers. It's sheer, also needs three coats but totally worth it. Too bad that the green flash only happens in the bottle.

Muir Muir on the Wall - Kameleon potopljen v črno podlago, s shimmrom, ki se spreminja vse od bordo, zlate, do zelenoopečnatih odtenko.
Moj najljubši odtenek tega kompleta <3 Črna baza z ogromno vijoličnimi delci. Ravno tako je prosojen in je potreboval tri sloje. Škoda edino, da se zeleni odsev vidi samo v steklenički.

In the Cable Car-Pool Lane - Good golly, Miss Trolley, this rich burgundy takes me away!
This one is the perfect Fall color. It's a jelly plum color, also needed three coats.

In the Cable Car-Pool Lane - Sijoč, jesenki in popoln! creamy bordo odtenek
Popolna jesenska barva <3 Gre za jelly lak, tako da tudi potrebujemo tri sloje za prekrivnost.

Peace & Love & OPI - This holographic sage and eggplant is far out!  
Really OPI, holographic? Leaving the name aside, this is a really pretty duochrome that flashes from green to purple. This one needed two coats.

Peace & Love & OPI - Kameleon, potopljen v srebrnosivo podlago, s shimmrom, ki se preliva vse od temno do sivkino vijoličnih, pa vse do zelenih odtenkov.
Opis točno zadane odtenek :) Na sliki sta dve plasti laka. 

All in all a great pack of pretty colors, Perfect for Fall <3 Thank you again Za piko na i for sending me these pretties. They have a wide range of different brands and I also love that they have real swatches for the polishes they sell, so you can really check them out before buying them. You can check their OPI gallery here.

S kompletom sem zelo zadovoljna, lepe jesenske barve ki pa so taka klasika, da jih vsaj jaz nosim čez celo leto. Hvala še enkrat Za piko na i za poslan komplet. Na voljo imajo veliko ponudbo različnih znamk in všeč mi je tudi, da imajo tudi galerijo lakov za nohte, ki jo prodajajo. Tako lahko res vidite odtenek preden ga kupite. OPI  galerijo lahko preverite tukaj.

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Friday, October 4, 2013

Catch of the month: September


As you can see, things are back to normal :) In the beginning of September I finished all my exams and I got my diploma. That meant no more days spent in the library and more days spent online and real life shopping :) I totally deserved it after all the studying hell I had to go trough :)

This was my online purchase as a gift to myself for finishing my firs level classes:
- Perfect sand lacquer 52
- Perfect sand lacquer 73
- Perfect sand lacquer 60
- Golden rose Holiday nail color 58
- Golden rose Impression nail color 13

- Flormar Supershine 14
- Flormar Black dot 1
- Flormar Black dot 3
- Flormar Glitter 2
- Perfect Glitter 41
- Perfect Glitter 33

The rest are random buys, blog/forum sales, review products and a few gifts from Miss Gin again, who else gives me nail polish but her <3

- Essence Beauty beats TE Groupie at heart
- Essence Beauty beats TE I'm backstage
- Essence Glorious Aquarius
- Essence Metal glam TE gold topper Steel-ing the scene
- BK glow in the dark 13

- China glaze Crystal ball
- Sinful colors Green ocean
- Sally Hansen nail prisms Amber ruby
- Hot topic Blackhearted beauty (no name)
- Kiko Sugar mat 633

- OPI San Francisco minis (send for reviewing purposes)

- Neon studs from eBay
- Heart 3D nail sticks (send for reviewing purposes)
- Silver metallic nail stickers

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