S-he Wow-farben! 008



When photos of S-he summer collection Glitters&Neons came out, I was super excited. After all, you usually don't see flakies or shards with cheaper nail polish brands. Unfortunately, this nail polish was a huge disappointment. Luckily I only took S-he Wow-farben! 008, with shards that flash green to dark blue. It may look OK on photos but that's because I've spent half an hour picking the shards out of the polish with a toothpick and placing them on my nails. This was basically the only way to get more than one shard on your nail. Plus the consistency of this polish is like glue, so thick that it would bubble all over the place. I put two coats of topcoat over but the thick shards still stand out. I'm sad to say that I'll probably never this polish again.

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  1. Izgleda res krasno, je pa škoda, da se sploh ne da uporabljat. Meni samo stoji v predalu...

    1. Meni bo tudi :/ Zato sem pa rekla, da se potrudim in ga vsaj enkrat uporabim, bom imela manj slabe vesti

  2. Imam i ja ovog, nocna mora je za radit s njim, a na kraju ni ne izgleda toliko specijalno :(

  3. Ti laki so bili res razočaranje. Jaz sem jih razredčila s thinnerjem in je bil nanos dosti lažji, ampak potem se spet krpice niso oprijemale nohta.


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