Saturday, September 28, 2013

Essence trend edition Metal glam polish swatches


Today I have a totally unplanned post for you. I went in a local drugstore DM to get some random stuff and I just glanced at Essence stand from a far and there it was, completely untouched Metal glam edition. This is very strange since limited editions hit bigger stores first and DM gets them a few weeks later. I am not complaining though :) I texted miss Gin immediately to share the joy :) She also kindly let me to show you nail wheel swatches of four base polishes that I took for her because I only took gold topper for myself. 
Bases are opaque with one to two coats and will be great for stamping. The brush does leave some brush marks.

As I mentioned I only took gold topper in 01 Steel-ing the scene for myself. It's kinda weird that the base polish and the topper have the same name and number but oh well, Essence does all kind of things :) I love it <3 The flakes/shards are small enough to lay flat on the nail and dense enough to cover the base nicely with one coat.

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Wednesday, September 25, 2013

Essence Don't bite me - kiss me


Today I have another old unavailable yet gorgeous polish for you. I'm really sorry that I don't show you limited edition polishes on time. Don't bite me - kiss me was a part of Essences Eclipse trend edition. 
It's a beautiful shimmery berry shade with  very fine and subtle pink/violet shimmer. It's the perfect fall shade. This was two coats and topcoat.

Also one last shot of my pointy tacky nails, this was just before I really broke the nail on my ring finger. Luckily they grow super fast :) So don't be surprised when you see my next post with square nail shape :)

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Saturday, September 21, 2013

Kiko 255 Viola microglitter


Today I'm showing you an oldie, Kiko 255 (also known as Viola microglitter).  Actually I showed it before in the beginning of my blogging (not so glamorous photos here :) I was kinda on the fence about showing you the same polish again but I really wanted to wear it again and do some better photos of it. The thing with me is that I'm not s serial swatcher, I don't do swatching marathons. I only show you manicures that I wear in real life so it gets weird when I'm really feeling a certain nail polish.  If you are a blogger too, what do you do in this type of situations? And for readers, do you mind seeing the same polish more than once?

Two coats of gorgeousness <3

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Thursday, September 19, 2013

Catrice Quel bleu turquoise


Fall is here but it's always time for summer on your nails :) This is a blue stunner from Catrice  L'Afrique c'est chic limited edition. I'm wearing one coat here but two thin coats would be better. From my experience sands look more gritty if applied in thinner coats. The brush was the usual Catrice monstrosity but even that can't  keep a great nail polish down :) 

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Saturday, September 14, 2013

S-he Wow-farben! 008


When photos of S-he summer collection Glitters&Neons came out, I was super excited. After all, you usually don't see flakies or shards with cheaper nail polish brands. Unfortunately, this nail polish was a huge disappointment. Luckily I only took S-he Wow-farben! 008, with shards that flash green to dark blue. It may look OK on photos but that's because I've spent half an hour picking the shards out of the polish with a toothpick and placing them on my nails. This was basically the only way to get more than one shard on your nail. Plus the consistency of this polish is like glue, so thick that it would bubble all over the place. I put two coats of topcoat over but the thick shards still stand out. I'm sad to say that I'll probably never this polish again.

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Wednesday, September 11, 2013

Review: NYX Jumbo eye pencil in Black Bean


Fall is officially here: I caught a cold :) 
Today I have a review for you, I was sent  NYX Jumbo eye pencil from a slovenian on line store Moja drogerija. I chose Black bean cause it matches the color of my soul cause I love wearing dark make up looks and a black base always comes in handy. As the name says, it's a jumbo pen and you get 5 grams of product which I think is a lot since the expiration date is 6 month after opening.

Danes imam za vas še eno oceno. Moja drogerija mi je prijazno poslala NYX Jumbo eye pencil v odtenku Black bean (izbrala sem si ga sama, ker vedno potrebujem nove baze za temna senčila). Kot že ime pove, gre za veliko črtalo/barvico. Vsebuje 5 gramov izdelka, kar se mi zdi veliko saj ga je potrebno porabiti v 6 mesecih po odprtju.

You can use it as eyeshadow, eyeshadow base or as a liner. As eyeshadow it doesnt work good for me cause it creases but when you put an eyeshadow over it, this baby doesn't move. This is how it looks on it's own (applied directly or with a liner brush).

Izdelek lahko uporabimo na veliko načinov; kot kremno senčilo, podlago za senčila ali pa kot črtalo. Sama ga ne uporabljam kot kremno senčilo, ker se mi hitro začne nabirati v gubo. Super pa se obnese kot baza za druga senčila v prahu/kamnu. Tako zgleda samostojno (nanešen direktno in s čopičem).

And this is how it looks in action:

Tako pa zgleda v akciji:

Some days I like it natural ...


and some days I like to look like a panda on crack.

in malo manj naravno :)

My overall thoughts:
- great color payoff
- easy to blend
- longlasting when used under eyeshadow
- cheap

- I'm probably not gonna use it all up in 6 months
- you have to sharpen it
- it creases on me if I use it on it's own

I would recomend this product to all the dark makeup lovers out there, cause others probably won't use it up.

Če povzamem, ima izdelek tako prednosti kot slabosti.
- izdelek je zelo pigmentiran
- zelo lahko se ga zabriše s čopičem na veki
- dolga obstojnost, če nanos utrdimo s senčili v prahu
- poceni

- verjetno ne bom porabila celega v 6 mesecih
- potrebno ga je šiliti (česar res ne maram)
- če ga uporabim samostojno se mi nabere v gube 

Kljub vsemu pa je izdelek zame vseeno zelo uporaben in bi ga priporočila vsem ljubiteljicam močnejšega očesnega mejkapa :)

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The product(s) in this post was/were send to me for review. For more information, please look at my Disclosure Policy.

Thursday, September 5, 2013

Catch of the month: Avgust


Sorry for the lack of post recently, studying got the best of me :) But at least I get to show you now how well I behaved in August, I technically only bought one nail polish. One! That happens when you spend all your free time at libraries :) The rest were either given to me by Miss Gin which she bought for me on her summer vacation  (Smart girls get more, thanks again <3) or sent from companies for reviewing (Models own).

- Essence Here's my number
- Smart girls get more 32
- Smart girls get more 64
- Smart girls get more 122
- Smart girls get more 161

- Models own  Artstix Nail beads Neon pink fizz
- Models own Artstix Duo polish Bible

I think I did great :) But don't worry, I rewarded myself after the exams with a big online purchase. I also broke a nail really bad, so my long pointy nails are gone for now :( I still have some old swatches which I will post and then you'll be seeing my shorties again :)

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