Catch of the month: April



I got some stuff again and I totally don't feel any guilt :) It's mostly late birthday gifts or I bought them with gift cards so it's all good. I also won a giveaway at Mateji ustvarjata . Thanks again girls :)

- Konad Regular polish no name light blue
- Catrice Poison me, poison you!
- Beauty UK no name pink nail polish
- China glaze Frostbite

- Essence Off to Miami!
- Essence Naughty and pink
- Essence Redvolution
- Essence Miss universe
- Essence We rock the green

- Flormar Matte nail enamel M01
- Catrice Mint me up (the bottle was/got damaged so I had to pour the nail polish into an empty bottle)
- Catrice Even more heavy metallilac
- Catrice Purple reign

Judging by the colors I got I'm ready for summer :)

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  1. Ob Frostbite-u sem skoraj dobila heart attack! Tudi drugi so lepi, ampak tale je WAUW! :)

    1. Jaz tudi <3 Pa sem mislila, da že imam vse modre kovinske lake :D

  2. Same dobrote. :)

    A stari Heavy Metallilac imaš? Kako sta si kaj podobna s tem Even More Heavy Metallilac? Verjetno ne preveč, predvidevam ...

    1. Hvala :) Nimam ga, sem čakala na "novo" verzijo, ker sem upala da bo res boljši čopič. Mal sem naivna včasih :D Glede na swatche stare verzije bi rekla, da sta ista

  3. I think u r doing great - each month a little less :) and i am super jelly for frostbite - i heard it's great for stamping. does that mean there will be more nail art incoming? :)

    1. I know, right? ;) I think it's too sheer for stamping, but I try it out and let you know


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