Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Frankenpolish: By the swamp


Just a quick post today, exams are coming and that means less time for anything, that is not school related :( It's been some time since I showed you any of my frankens. For this one I mixed yellow and shimmery glass flecked blue (I believe it was LA girls Punk). The result is shimmery green with blue flecks. It looks so swampy and dirty and I love it :) The only bad things is that it's sheer so it needed three coats.

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Saturday, May 25, 2013

Etude house PWH905 Boom Boom Boom


Glitter bomb wiiiiiii :) Who doesn't like that? I got this baby a while ago on eBay and it's a fun mix of different shaped chunky glitters (bars and diamond ones) in white, black, silver, red and purple. For the base I used Essence Got a secret, two coats of pale grey creme. Then I added two coats of Boom Boom Boom. I needed two coats cause I'm ditsy and didn't notice that the glitters sunk down a bit. Should have shake the bottle and then one coat would be enough. The glitters are quite chunky so I added a thick coat of topcoat which sadly resulted in some bubbling. I still like this combination :)

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Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Catrice Mint me up

There is a special place in hell for you, Catrice. First they ruin the brush even more and now the quality has one down the hill too. I am no Hulk, I just opened the bottle to check how bad the brush is and when I closed it, it snapped and broke. Fortunately I had a few empty bottle around so I could pour it into a new bottle, otherwise I could just toss it in the trash. Gah it's so sad since Catrice used to be one of my favourite brands :(
The only thing that I like about this polish is the color. Pretty mint/seafoam green with bronze specks and gold shimmer. Application wasn't the best, the polish is quite thick and goopey. I can't even imagine how the application would go with the "new and improved" brush :) Oh well Catrice, it was fun while it lasted.


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Saturday, May 18, 2013

Summertime gradient


I usually don't do gradients but when I do, I pick colors that are too similar for my camera to tell them apart. You're welcome :)
For the base I used Essence Off to Miami!, gorgeous bright coral which I love but my camera always freaks out with shades like this. Application was not the best, the polish is pretty thick yet still sheer. I believe it took two to three coats, depends on the nail because the polish is streaky and isn't self leveling. Then I used a kitchen sponge and sponged some Essence Naughty and pink! on the tips. The gradient was more noticeable in real life, I think the coral base was messing up my camera too much so it just gave up and was like fuck it, I'll make every color look the same.
Gradients are really easy and fun so I will do it again in the future, just with a bit more contrasting colors.

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Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Golden rose Jolly jewels 107


How is everybody? This is my last "old" post, photos I took before my nail broke and it got better so you can expect new and regular posts from now on :) That makes me really happy and I even included damage photos at the end of this post.
I was craving swimming lately and this polish is perfect cause it reminds me of the sea.
This is Golden rose Jolly jewels in 107, too bad this beauty doesn't have a name. I got it from Gin from her trip to Bosnia. Jolly jewels is a really good collection, too bad it isn't available in Slovenia. They're such great quality, I love the brush and the glitters are really packed. On photos I have on one coat of 107 over a blue base (Essence Let's get lost). You could probably get it opaque in 2 to 3 coats.
In my opinion this combination of blue glitters is just perfect <3


My nail broke while wearing this mani, I know we all love pics like this :) Please ignore how horribly stained my nails are.

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Friday, May 10, 2013

Lady vamp


This is one of the pretty frankenpolishes I got for my birthday from Miss Gin. I love love love Lady vamp, it's a perfect polish for me. Gorgeous dark red/purple vamp shade with various colors of glitter, mostly red, blue and purple. This was two coats and it applied like butter.
Thanks again Gin, you rock <3

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Friday, May 3, 2013

Catch of the month: April


I got some stuff again and I totally don't feel any guilt :) It's mostly late birthday gifts or I bought them with gift cards so it's all good. I also won a giveaway at Mateji ustvarjata . Thanks again girls :)

- Konad Regular polish no name light blue
- Catrice Poison me, poison you!
- Beauty UK no name pink nail polish
- China glaze Frostbite

- Essence Off to Miami!
- Essence Naughty and pink
- Essence Redvolution
- Essence Miss universe
- Essence We rock the green

- Flormar Matte nail enamel M01
- Catrice Mint me up (the bottle was/got damaged so I had to pour the nail polish into an empty bottle)
- Catrice Even more heavy metallilac
- Catrice Purple reign

Judging by the colors I got I'm ready for summer :)

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