Monday, April 29, 2013

11 facts about me TAG


It's been a while since I did any tag. Long long time ago I was tagged by the gorgeous Deja from Deja Zu. I f you haven't already, go check her blog. Its combination of all good thing: makeup, food and healthy living in general. Thank you again for this tag Deja *.*

So here we go, 11 facts about me:

1. In the past year I have developed migraines. Fucking yay :) Before I never had headaches, guess karma thinks I did something wrong. I had to stop eating broccoli, pistachios and totally quit drinking alcohol. Ironically I could live off those three things.

2. I am studying biology. I only have a few exams left and if all goes as planed, I'm going back to classes in October to get my Masters degree in molecular biology.

3. Since I have a lot of free time this year I have a "student" job at a call center. I work as a help line operator for customer support for a very large grocery store chain. It's a very funny job and some calls really brighten up my day but sometimes, you start losing hope in humanity just a little bit. Not all people are nice, there's a lot of mean and ignorant ones. Sometimes you just wanna tell them to go fuck themselves and hang up the phone on them but of course I can't do that :) You do get nerves of steel.

4. I can make a sexual reference out of anything. Can't help if I have a dirty sense of humor :)

5. I am a very picky eater but I also love eating french fries dipped in vanilla ice cream with fudge.

6. I am a very introverted person so I'm often taken as shy or bitchy/stuck up by people that don't know me that good.

7. I will spontaneously quote Mean girls.

8. I wear leggings as pants. Yes, I'm one of that jerks :)

9. There was a time when I had a side cut and dip dyed tips. Might sound weird but I think it looked good :)

10. My boyfriend calls me "the song master". I have a really good sound memory and I will remember a song even if I hear it only once (not just lyric parts, intros too).

11. When using public transportation I always pick the seats that are facing back in the opposite direction of moving (if you know what I mean, hope so) so I drive backwards. People usually don't like that cause it makes them sick so they don't sit next to me, which I like :)

That is all, hope you learned something new about me :) I tagged everyone who hasn't done this tag before.

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Monday, April 22, 2013

Serbian taupe


I was having a really hard time naming this post. This is a very "special" nail polish in my collection. I bought it in Serbia last year for about 30 cents. This poor bruised little guy was waiting for an owner for god knows how long. Doesn't have a name (or brand for what it's worth) but judging from the bottle shape it could be Golden rose. I don't know. And look at the handle :)  Taupey browns really aren't my color but I took it cause it really stood out. I couldn't just leave it there.
Two coats in this pictures, application wasn't the easiest but considering the stage of nail polish, it's OK :)

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Saturday, April 13, 2013

Missha Lucid nail polish Dazzling 06


I finally joined the club of black/white glitter polish owners :) Instead of going indie I went on eBay and probably got the cheapest version. I know a lot of indie brands has it, in Slovenia you can also get L'oreal mini 5 ml polish for 5 euros (seriously?) but so does Missha for about 5 dollars, shipping included *wink wink*
It's beautiful and you don't need any fishing, the glitter is super dense. It's a mix of small white glitter, big square and hexagonal black and white glitter and black&white bars. It sounds super cluttered and tacky but because it's all in black and white, it works. 
This was one coat over Essie Topless&barefoot. I loved wearing this combination <3

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Saturday, April 6, 2013

MUA Plum noir

Good news everybody! Just kidding, I never bring good news :)
I broke a nail the other day at work. And when I say broke, I mean broke.  Don't think that my job is physically challenging, it's not. I just pick up phone calls all day and do some paperwork. But I still managed to do it, it's a skill :) My nails were getting a bit long and I had a small tear on the side of one of them. I was just thinking about filing them down when I'll come home and bam, I somehow managed to hit the side of the table with my nails. The nail broke right off the free tip and it broke in layers, so the whole tip was gone and top layers of the nail that covers my "pink part" of the nail (I'm really bad with nail expressions ). I just sat there, in shock and thinking to myself please don't bleed, just don't bleed. And of course it was my left, swatching hand. Posts might get a bit sparse until my nail grows back :( I do have a few manis waiting to be posted but not enough to keep up posting two times a week. So I'll rather post once a week and keep it up rather than posting normally for two weeks and then not post anything for two or three weeks.
Whoa that was long :) Now to the nails, this is an old mani when my nails still looked normal :)
This is my first MUA nail polish and probably the last one too. I got it as a freebie with an online order, I got to choose the colour out of 7 MUA polishes and I just went with the prettiest name :) The color is gorgeous, a creamy plum <3 But this is where it stops. The brush is horrible and it took me three coats yet was still a bit patchy. Maybe I just got a bad bottle but I don't think I'm gonna buy any of their polishes. 

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Wednesday, April 3, 2013

Catch of the month: March


I'm slowly running out of excuses :) This month I got a lot of new stuff again cause half of it was a gift? Yeah? But I did some damage myself too :)

First I did some online shopping:
- Color club Miss bliss
- Color club Wham! Pow!
- China glaze Scattered and tattered
- Konad Black for stamping

- Etude house PWH905 Boom Boom Boom
- Missha Lucid nail polish Dazzling 06
- Missha Gem stone nails polish Ruby
- MUA Plum noir

I had a coupon for 30% off in a local drugstore so I got:
- Essence Floral grunge TE Black to the roots
- Essence Floral grunge TE Grunge me tender!
- Essence Floral grunge TE Madly purpled
- Deborah Milano Love at first sight
- Essence Prom-berry

And last but not least, awesome birthday gift from miss Gin:
- Golden rose Jolly jewels 107
- Golden rose Jolly jewels 114
- Tevez 09
- Zoya Vespa

She made some awesome frankens for me:
- Holo night
- Lady vamp
- Glitter puke
- Zombie blood
- Tevez Color change 06
- Essence Sun kissed TE Soak up the sun

I don't think I'm ever gonna get any better :)
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