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I always read this kind of posts when I see them on other blogs and if  I'm really bored, I even google for post like that :) So I decided to share mine with you. Of course I have busy days when all I have time to do is take the polish off and slap another one on but I try to take time every time cause if I don't it starts showing on my nails.

First thing I do is something I really don't like: filing my nails, if needed. I do it while I still have nail polish on, that way it's easier to make all nails the same lenght and shape, cause you're not distracted by different shapes of your nail beds. I always use glass files, they work best for me. 

My favourite is Credo <3 It shortens the nails fast but it's still smooth enough to close the nail nicely. Unfortunately they don't sell them here no more, so I stocked on about 4 of them :) They'll probably last me a lifetime if I don't break them all.

Then I remove my nail polish. I usually stick to cotton pads and acetone removers, for me they do the job quicker and don't damage my nails (at least not more than acetone free removers).

My favourite is Oil-base nail polish remover Olive by our local brand Kozmetika Afrodita. This baby works like a charm, it's quick, doesn't smell and doesn't dry out my nails and cuticles. I totally recommend it to you if you can get it.

Aveo Mandel is great also. A bit smelly but also works quick. It's also a lot cheaper than the olive one.

Lately I've been also a fan of these Aveo nail polish remover pads. They don't contain acetone and have a really pleasant smell. They're very oily and moisturize nails and cuticles.

Next step is extra moisture. I try to do this step every time while my nails are bare. I put on a thick cuticle cream, I'm using Lush Lemony flutter at the moment. I slap it all over my cuticles and nail beds and let it sink in. I also use it as a daily treatment for my cuticles.

I've also been loving Lucas' Papaw ointmentt lately. I put it on well moisturised cuticles cause it's vaseline based, so it keeps the moisture in.
Essence Nail cuticle softener pencil is a great on the go product. I use it when my cuticles look sad and I don't want greasy hands. It's also good for using it before taking photos cause it sink into cuticles very fast and makes them look better. That said, it's not a heavy duty product but it does it's work properly. It also smells amazing.

Then I wash my hands. If I put any kind of greasy stuff on my nails and don't wash it off, the polish won't stick good to the surface. Then I polish 'em, best part of it all :) I apply base coat (don't know why, my nails still get stained anyways), nail polish and topcoat.

I've been using Kiss Diamond hard straightener as a base coat. I really like it so far, it dries really fast, makes my nail polish last longer and I think they are getting harder.

For topcoat, I had Constance Carroll one. But I can't find their line anywhere now, so I'm using their hardener cause it has practically identical ingredients. It dries extremely fast and most important, doesn't give me any shrinkage. I'll go back to Essene Better then gel nails top sealer after I run out of it, because it's not available here anymore :(

I already told you how obsessed I am with moisturizing. Hand creams and cuticle creams are one of my best friends :)  It's always my nightly routine, before bed I slather on Lemony flutter on my cuticles and hand cream.

My fave night cream is Alessandro Guardian angel hand cream. It's very thick and nourishing. I usually don't use it during the day cause I don't like the feeling of greasy hands.

That's why I use Essence Cinnamon apple punch and Balea Mango; they both smell amazing and sink into your skin fast.

I also have Balea Shea butter&vanille hand lotion at work and I like it very much. It sink into your skin immediately. Nihrida wrote a great review here

What's your nail care routine? If you have a blog and made a post about it, please drop a link :)

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  1. Neeeee! To stekleno pilico imam tudi jaz in se mi je ravno strla pred 2 meseci. Zadnjič sem iskala novo in jih nisem našla-zdaj vidim vzrok :(

    1. Jap, tam nekej maja se mi zdi da so šli iz prodaje, ker so bile ful znižane. Če iščeš nadomestek za pilico, je meni super tudi Mullerjeva znamka, Body&soul :)

  2. Moja nega je precej podobna in uporabljam tudi podobne izdelke kot ti. Meni je kot podlak najboljši Essence Nail Art Protecting BC, laki mi čisto nič ne obarvajo nohtov, ko ga uporabljam. Priporočam. :D
    Jaz sem probala že različne utrjevalce za nohte, pa mi noben ni pomagal, zadnje razočaranje je bil Avonon. Mogoče probam tega od Kiss-a.

  3. Nail art podlak sem že imela, pa ni nekej pomagal :/ Verjetno je tudi malo odvisno od samih nohtov, Tale Kiss je pa super, enkrat nisem imal nadlaka pri sebi in sem ga uporabila kot nadlak. Super delovalo :)

  4. otkako su mi promijenili omiljeni essence odstranjivac prebacila sam se i ja na ovaj aveo badem i super funkcionira


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