Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Gold glitter puke


It's December y'all :) So what fit's better than some holiday gold and glitter?
Gold isn't exactly my colour and when I first saw swatches of Essence A piece of forever, my response was ewww :) But then I read it was good for stamping and I do like gold in small details, so I was like OK, it's cheap, I'll get it. 
Don't know what is it about this polish but I just couldn't let it go and I tried to make it work as a full mani. A piece of forever has better formula than others from the Breaking dawn part 2 TE. Good thing is that it's a one coater, bad things are the brush and the frostiness. I didn't like the result of A piece of forever on it's own so I added some gold glitter on top, this is one coat of Make it golden and My sparkling acrobat, both by Essence. Not so bad after all :)

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  1. One of your best works so far :)

  2. Tega zlatega laka nisem kupila, ker me ni prepričal, ampak moram priznati, da je v kombinaciji z obema glitter lakoma zelo dobro izpadel.

    1. Hvala :) Jaz sem se ga na začetku tudi izogibala, ampak me je potem štemplanje prepričalo :)

  3. Haha, samo ti imaš lahko takšne naslove objav. :D

    Tudi jaz nisem ljubiteljica zlate, ampak manikura sploh ni slaba. Sploh za december. :)

    1. Se trudim :) Tudi meni je bila manikura presenetljivo všeč. Sem prej mislila, da jo bom dala dol v roku destih minut :)


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