Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Summer outfits, Catch of the month - Avgust and a Challenge


This post is gonna be a really long one :) Summer is almost over, yay :) I've been wearing my favourite pair of shorts a few days ago and I was joking that they deserved their own post on blog, but they kinda do. I don't think I've ever worn a piece of clothing as much as I did my DIY studded shorts. And they're not even black :) So here it is, two of my favourite summer outfits (I just had to show a totally black one too, I have a reputation to obtain :D)


This part is for my BFF, cause she had to wait since June for Catch of the month :) Here you go, hope you'll like it.

This is from my shopping trip to Graz (I went with my boyfriend to get some Dr. Pepper for him :):
- H&M Lady luck (mine came with a fucked up brush, oh the irony :)
- H&M Hunt me down
- H&M Moon shine

- Look by Bipa Metallic violet
- Look by Bipa Metallic hollogram (yes, two "l"s :)
- b*pretty silver crackle
- random glitter nail polish for kids

New Catrice and Essence polishes:
- Catrice How I matt your mother
- Catrice Steel my heart
- Essence Grey-t to be here
- Essence I'm the boss!
- Essence Chick reloaded
- Essence crack me Pearly pink

Random buys:
- Ingrid cosmetics Ice cube 358
- Essence Grape-METALLIC ROCKS! nail art polish (poured into a normal brush bottle)
- Essence Passion for fashion
- Kleancolor Holo chrome
- L.A. Girls Glitter addict Uninhibited <3


Lastly; I also decided to enter "Three" nail challenge for the month of September. If you wann afind out more, check it out here and join us :)

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  1. oba outfita sta super, ampak meni je prvi malo bolj všeč =)

    kje si dobila L.A. Girls Glitter addict Uninhibited? Jaz ga imam že celo večnost na WL, pa ga nikjer ne najdem =)

    1. beautyjoint.com ga ima. Hvala za komentar :)

  2. Sem zelo slične hlačke nrdila, ampak jih nisem nosila dosti:( mogoče mi bodo še jeseni prav prišle z najlonkami :))

    Super navdušena za tale challenge, sploh, ker si ga lahko preuredim po svoje :D

    HF xo Deja
    Deja Zu

    1. Jaz sem moje poleti dovolj nosila, da grejo lahko na dopust do naslednjega poletja :) Meni se tudi zdi super challenge :)

  3. Meni je pa kar žal, da poletje odhaja. Jesen in zima nista ravno priljubljena pri meni.
    Super outfita, oba sta mi všeč, čeprav jaz redko nosim črno.

    Zaradi izpitov se bom izzivu pridružila malo kasneje, ampak se zelo veselim, je zelo zanimiv. :)

    1. Mene pa vročina ful daje in sm pol cela cunjasta in neuporabna :( Super, ful nas bo sodelovalo :)

  4. Wee where r the mini greenies? (joke) ;) Loves the whole post ;) h8 u 4 beeing a skinny (sexy shorts wearing) b****h ;)

    1. Bitch plx :* Pa posodm ti hlače jutr za vn :)

    2. LoL its funny couz i never show my knees :)

  5. Luštna outfita!
    če bi bilo po moje, bi bilo celo poletje okrog 26 stopinj (toliko, da lahko krila dam iz omare :D), pa enkrat na teden dež! :D Jesenska sem ... :D
    Komaj čakam challenge, da vidim vse manikure in jaz sem čisto presrečna, da se vas je toliko pridružilo, sploh nisem pričakovala. :D

    1. Hvala :) Jap, tako poletje bi tudi jaz mela :) Za challenge pa super, da se nas je toliko nabralo :)

  6. hey im also joining the three nail challenge and i think it would be fun if everyone who joins this challenge would follow eachother so we can check up on eachoter designs so im following you


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