Saturday, August 11, 2012

Giveaway time! :)


So here it is, my very first small giveaway. For no apparent reason, I just found some last remains of Essence Color&Go polishes, that are sadly being discontinued (some colors, not the line). I was hunting for Make it golden which is in my opinion one of the prettiest Essence shades. This is what started it; my "favourites giveaway", but all in all just a little something to say thanks to all of you :)

The winner will get my fave products; hand cream, fast drying top coat and nail polish finishes - glitter, duochrome and holographic.

- Balea Mango hand cream LE (smells amazing)
- Essence Studio nails Better than gel nails Top sealer
- Essence Make it golden (discontinued)
- Essence Where's the party? (discontinued)
- S-he 155 (former 427)

Now to the rules:
- you must be a public follower
- this giveaway is international
- the giveaway ends on Saturday, September 1st at midnight
- the winner will be chosen randomly

To enter leave a comment with:
- your GFC name and your email, so I can contact you if you win (1 entry, 2 entries if you followed me before giveaway)
- blog/twitter/whatever:) about this giveaway, post link in the comment (1 entry)
- tell me what you like/dislike about my blog, what would you like to read about in the future....your honest opinion please, so I can improve my blog :) (2 entries)

Thank you all for reading this and participating!
Thanks for stopping by and good luck ;)


  1. Uuu super giveaway :)
    GFC: Passing fancy

    mogoče bi bilo zanimivo da napišeš kakšen post How to gradient nails...trenutno sem videla veliko objav o njih ampak nikjer kako jih narediti ;)

  2. Spremljam te kot Anna.

    Drugače bi pa blo super, če bi bolj poredno objavljala, nohtke in make up. ;)

  3. GFC- Kelly-devilishpolish
    email- klaine23@gmail.com

  4. GFC: gin shivers

    Loves the giveaway ... free swag FTW! The blog would be better if u would send some of your followers my way ;) But everything else is PERFECT ;)


  5. super giveaway! =)
    GFC: Nanethiel
    mail: nanethiel13@gmail.com

    iskreno tvoj blog mi je super, odabir tema isto, al bilo bi mi drago da nam češće tipkaš, i staviš češće koji makeup look, a ne samo nokte =)

  6. odličan giveaway!

    sto volim na blogu? pa sve,nema toga sto nevolim :)

  7. Great Giveaway!!! :D
    GFC: surprise
    mail: sa2109@hotmail.it

  8. GFC: Nila Kussriani

    i tweeted https://twitter.com/LMarthadinata/status/235956751692886016
    maybe you'd better make a header to your blog :D

  9. GFC Cuti-CLUE-les
    email cuticlueless@gmail.com
    tweet https://twitter.com/CutiCLUEles/status/236429078209634304

    I love your pictures! It's so hard to capture them in such god lighting but you really get it right.
    I'd like more general posts about how you keep your nails and stuff in shape. Reviews on the products you have tried and loved or didn't like at all :) I find them really helpful!

  10. GFC:Angel eyez
    i would suggest a good header :)
    thank you

  11. GFC ime: Deja
    email: dejazu.blog@gmail.com
    Spremljam te že od prej :)
    Tweet: https://twitter.com/BooogeyWoman/status/237456778026172417

    Hm, spreminjala ne bi nič, ker konec koncev je tvoj blog, objavljaš to kar tebe zanima. Če pač komu ni kej všeč, je to njegov problem :D
    Edino mogoče več makeupa. Nohtki so super, ampak jaz osebno raje zadeve z ličenjem gledam in me bolj inspirirajo :) Pa super kvalitetne slike!

    xo Deja
    Deja Zu


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