Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Summer outfits, Catch of the month - Avgust and a Challenge


This post is gonna be a really long one :) Summer is almost over, yay :) I've been wearing my favourite pair of shorts a few days ago and I was joking that they deserved their own post on blog, but they kinda do. I don't think I've ever worn a piece of clothing as much as I did my DIY studded shorts. And they're not even black :) So here it is, two of my favourite summer outfits (I just had to show a totally black one too, I have a reputation to obtain :D)


This part is for my BFF, cause she had to wait since June for Catch of the month :) Here you go, hope you'll like it.

This is from my shopping trip to Graz (I went with my boyfriend to get some Dr. Pepper for him :):
- H&M Lady luck (mine came with a fucked up brush, oh the irony :)
- H&M Hunt me down
- H&M Moon shine

- Look by Bipa Metallic violet
- Look by Bipa Metallic hollogram (yes, two "l"s :)
- b*pretty silver crackle
- random glitter nail polish for kids

New Catrice and Essence polishes:
- Catrice How I matt your mother
- Catrice Steel my heart
- Essence Grey-t to be here
- Essence I'm the boss!
- Essence Chick reloaded
- Essence crack me Pearly pink

Random buys:
- Ingrid cosmetics Ice cube 358
- Essence Grape-METALLIC ROCKS! nail art polish (poured into a normal brush bottle)
- Essence Passion for fashion
- Kleancolor Holo chrome
- L.A. Girls Glitter addict Uninhibited <3


Lastly; I also decided to enter "Three" nail challenge for the month of September. If you wann afind out more, check it out here and join us :)

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Sunday, August 26, 2012

OPI Midnight in Moscow

Another dark one, I really got sucked into it apparently :) I'm probably gonna be rocking neons in November :) 

This little beauty is from OPI's 2007 Russian collection, which was amazing <3 Midnight in Moscow is a perfect blackened shimmery vampy. It needs two coats and with first coat you can clearly see the almost black base, filled with dense tiny red shimmer. My only beef with this pretty is that it chips instantly on me :( Oh well, can't win them all :)


Sunshine <3

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Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Orly Goth

First off, some shameless promotion :) My BFF just started blogging and if you have a spare minute, go check out her blog Baroque fool. She does awesome manicures, especially color blocking and she's funny as well :)

Now to nail polish, black with a twist, just how I like them. This is Goth by Orly, one of my most worn blacks. It has a black base with sparse tiny silver shimmer and bigger glitter particles. Here I have two thin coats, one thick would probably be enough. Despite good pigmentation the glitter shows trough very nicely.

It looks good inside....

... but when you put it out in the sun, it shows it's true beauty.

What's your favourite black-ish color?
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Sunday, August 19, 2012

Neons and animal prints: Bikinis and bubbles

What looks better together than neon colors and animal prints? Nothing if you ask me. Then again, I also think reality shows make great TV :) 
Yes I even like it so much that I've bought a bikini top, looking like this :) For those of you that don't know, I only wear black (with a few minor exceptions). Oh well :) It inspired me to do this mani:

For neon I used S-he 115 as a white base and Depend 035, a really great and well pigmented neon yellow. For the snake part I used Essence Zulu and then sponged it trough tulle with Catrice Sir, yes sir!. The tulle was funky so the snake print looks a bit abstract :D The whole mani bubbled as hell, thank you summer with 35 degrees Celsius *eyeroll*

You like this combo?
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Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Nfu.oh 51

Or  should I say perfection? I seriously adore this nail polish <3 I'm gonna be short and just let the pictures speak for themselves. This is one coat of Nfu.oh 51 over Catrice Poison me poison you.


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Saturday, August 11, 2012

Giveaway time! :)


So here it is, my very first small giveaway. For no apparent reason, I just found some last remains of Essence Color&Go polishes, that are sadly being discontinued (some colors, not the line). I was hunting for Make it golden which is in my opinion one of the prettiest Essence shades. This is what started it; my "favourites giveaway", but all in all just a little something to say thanks to all of you :)

The winner will get my fave products; hand cream, fast drying top coat and nail polish finishes - glitter, duochrome and holographic.

- Balea Mango hand cream LE (smells amazing)
- Essence Studio nails Better than gel nails Top sealer
- Essence Make it golden (discontinued)
- Essence Where's the party? (discontinued)
- S-he 155 (former 427)

Now to the rules:
- you must be a public follower
- this giveaway is international
- the giveaway ends on Saturday, September 1st at midnight
- the winner will be chosen randomly

To enter leave a comment with:
- your GFC name and your email, so I can contact you if you win (1 entry, 2 entries if you followed me before giveaway)
- blog/twitter/whatever:) about this giveaway, post link in the comment (1 entry)
- tell me what you like/dislike about my blog, what would you like to read about in the future....your honest opinion please, so I can improve my blog :) (2 entries)

Thank you all for reading this and participating!
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Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Sponged french ( also known as I suck at naming things :)

I'm sure many of you saw this gorgeous mani Ivana from Ivana loves pink posted a few weeks ago. I feel in love with it the moment I saw it and I decided to give it a try, my way :) Since I'm not really a pastel pink lover, I wanted to go with something darker. I also used a different technique. For the base I used Essence Deep blue sea and then sponged Catrice Pool party at night on the center of my nails and a little bit of  Sports girl Nail it! Hawaii five-O. For the bronze tip I used a no-name Paris memories nail polish.

I loved the end result and the combination of bronze and blue is one of my favourites.
What's your take on this variation of Ivana's mani?

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Sunday, August 5, 2012

What i wore: July

Part two :) This were some of my July manis. I'll be back with "fresh mani" on Wednesday.

Essence Gold old Buffy

Essence Gold old Buffy with Essence Applause applause

Golden rose 287 with fake Chanel stickers

Ebay Magnetic nail polish 016

Revlon Grape icy

Revlon grape icy with OPI Koala bear-y and Hello kitty stamp (yeah I know :)

Color club Glitter envy

Essence Kiss on top of the rock

Zoya Rica

Catherine Arley 800

Essence Candyction

Essence Grumpy <3

CH nail 006

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Wednesday, August 1, 2012

What I wore: June

I'm back yay :D Missed blogging soooooo much. I still have some exams but I've passed most of it. Even though I didn't blog about nail polish I still wore it:) Here are some snap shots of what I wore in June.

Deborah Milano Sense tech 05

Catrice Pool part at night with Essence Gold fever

Essence Blue addicted over L.A. Girl Dance studio

Essie Topless&barefoot with Essence Make it golden

French mani (yes, hell finally froze :)

Gabriella Salvete109

Glitter puke; Golden rose 294 and Essence Glorious aquarius over blue base

Nautical fail

Essence Back to black with Depend 035

Nfu.oh 61  <3

Sephora by OPI Meet for drinks

Jelly sandwich with OPI Koala bear-y, Essence Blair and Essence Jummy gummy 

OPI Koala bear-y with Essence Waking up in Vegas

Skittles: Essie Smokin' hot, OPI Glow up already, no name taupe, OPI Show it and glow it!, Essence Zulu

Water marble: OPI Koala bear-y, Essence Gabriella and Essence Wake up!

S-he 393, konad m57 and Essence Check me out

Would you like to see more detailed post on any of this manis?
If you wanna see what I wore in July, you'll find out in my next post:)
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