Monday, May 28, 2012

Blogging break...

..aka studying my ass off break :( If you're a good student, you keep up with your university work. And if you're like me, you don't :) Which means I have a month and a half of hell ahead of me. That's why I decided to take a two month pause. I really liked this two past months when I posted regularly two times a week and I don't wanna start posting every once in a while because of lack of time. Or even worse, use blogging as an excuse not to study :) Priorities I guess :) I hope you understand and we'll se again in August.

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Friday, May 25, 2012

Frankenpolish May: Maelstrom


This has such a ''spacey'' feel to me (yeah, in my head space looks like a black jelly holo glitter nail polish :) I'm sure astronomers are rolling their eyes :) Three coats, super easy to make; half jelly black polish, half clear holo glitter and that's it. Love how it looks in the sun <3


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Monday, May 21, 2012

Frankenpolish May: Never bet the Devil your head


What do you get when you mix two of your favourite S-he polish? Awesomeness times two :) This is a combo of two old package S-he (the new packaging has different numbered shades); 427 which is a pink holo and 437, a deep red base with small red and golden glass flecks. The outcome is a deep berry red with subtle holo that looks more like colorful shimmer and tiny red and gold flecks. Two coats plus top coat. I'm really liking this one :) All photos are clickable, so you can make them bigger to see the details better.

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Friday, May 18, 2012

Frankenpolish May: Loss of Breath


This was supposed to look different but sometimes thing turn out better as planed :) Loss of breath is a blueish green packed with small silver flecks. Opaque in one coat (like a boss!)

I like it shinny but when you mattify it, it looks even better to me, almost looks like it has a suede finish.

Shiny or matte?

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Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Frankenpolish May: Lenore


New post, new franken :) This is Lenore, a creamy purple with subtle red shimmer, which is much more visible in real life and hard to capture on camera. Awesome quality for a nail polish if you're a nail blogger huh? :)

Two coats, easy application. I'm probably gonna make it a full size (this one is a 5ml mini). All you need is a black, a white and a shimmery red (I think I used Zoya Isla).

Hope you'll like it :)

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Friday, May 11, 2012

Frankenpolish May: How to


This post is gonna be a little bit different, I am gonna show you, how I make my frankens. Usually people use steel balls and funnels, but I do it a little bit different. I don't have balls and my arms would fell off if I tried to shake the polishes together :)

Step 1: Gather the things. You will need:
- nail polish of your choice (you can also use loose eyeshadow or glitter, but I don't recommend it. I only had bad experiences with it, nail polish is too thin and can't hold them, so it all sinks down into a thick mess. Glitter can also discolor or melt. If you plan on trying with glitter or pigments, try with suspension base instead of regular nail polish)
- scissors
- plastic baggie (like the ones for freezing vegetables)
- a toothpick

Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Frankenpolish May: A dream within a dream


Green holo!!!! :) I didn't exactly turned out as I wanted it, but it's OK, still looking good :) The holo effect is stronger in real life.

Polishes used:
- Nfu.Oh 61
- Kleancolor Military green

Two coats, no topcoat

Even looks good indoors :)


Love it? Hate it? :)

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Friday, May 4, 2012

Frankenpolish May: The Balloon-Hoax


So let's get this frankenpolish show on the road :) Frankens for the whole month of May.

This is The Balloon-Hoax, sheer pastel pink with glitter in different size and color. I just mixed different clear glitter polishes together and then added drops of white and pink to get to the desired opacity. I used purple, gold, silver and red glitters. Girly and cute, but I like it :)

Do you like it? Ever tried frankening yourself?

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Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Catch of the month - April


This month I think I did.........pretty well I guess? Given the situation :) I didn't buy much here, but I kinda took advantage of my trip to Serbia.

Random buys and late Bday gift:
- Essence Soul sista TE Mojito green
- Essence Fruity TE Mashed berries
- Ruby Kisses "Look at me" purple
- Essence Hex hex!
- Essence Gold fever

 My first nail stickers, got them as a gift. Anyone tried them before?
- Essence Studio nails gel style nail stickers Cult object from Capetown


I kinda went all out in Serbia, but they were so cheap I couldn't say no :)
- Golden rose 287
- Golden rose 203
- Golden rose 303
- Golden rose 294

- Golden rose 338
- Golden rose 276
- Golden rose 324
- She bunny 137

- Inches Life is game of inches
- Inches Hip-hop
- Aura nail beauty Ladylike
- V.I.P. Rouge fatal

- Nascita (no name)
- Classics 10
- Classics 60
- winner for the end; no brand, no name, scraped off handle :) I took it out of pity really.....and because it was less than 30 cents :)

Any tips for the Essence stickers?
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