NYC Lights Camera Glitter



This is one of the Prague buys, also known as Starry silver glitter (USA market or it was discontinued and brought back with a different name, the shade number is the same). Either way, it's pretty. Small silver and holo glitter with big blue and pink hexagonal part, all in a clear base. I love how it looks in the bottle, but the polish itself is made for layering since it's too sheer to wear it on its own. 

It's cheap, great brush, dries quickly, doesn't dry gritty......can't say a bad thing about it. All in all, a great nail polish, too bad NYC isn't available here :(

One coat of silver base (Essence Romeo - old version) and 2 coats of Lights Camera Glitter

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  1. Great combination. I love silver and blue :)

  2. lepo ... so shiny ... the tranny in me loves it ;)

    1. Verjamem :D ti ga prnesem naslednič ;)


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