Essence Soul sista TE Mojito green



First a question for my readers: today I was frankening again after a long time and I really got into it :) Would you be interested in a month full of frankenpolish posts, a Frankenpolish May? :) Let me know


OK this thing with me finding TE basically untouched is getting ridiculous :) I'm not complaining though :)
We waited for this collection so long, I was already convinced that the stores are gonna skip it. Then I randomly went to buy chocolate (Milka Oreo y u no bad!) and there it was, a full stand :) I only got this beauty. Mojito green is not really mojito green, it's a gorgeous turquoise with subtle gold shimmer. It's quite thick, so it does take some skill to apply it semi decent :) Two coats were needed for full opacity.

Love it, this is gonna be such a great summer shade <3

Thanks for stopping by**

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  1. What a stunning colour! Yes, I'd love to see a month of frankens :)

    1. It really is stunning. Thanks for your comment :*

  2. I also have it but I haven't tried it yet. I really love this color it' beautiuful!
    yes, I'd love to see your franken!

    1. Try it, you won't regret it :)


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