Catch of the month - March



I always find good excuses to shop :)

These bottles of nail polish are from a short trip to Prague. I mean, I had to buy them, they are not available here (sure sure, I'll keep telling myself that) 
- Flomar Supershine 16
- Gabriella Salvete 109
- Gabriella Salvete 151
- [b] basic 471

 - Gabriella Salvete 134
 - Gabriella Salvete 141
 - Gabriella Salvete 143
 - Gabriella Salvete 154

- NYC Flat iron green 214
- NYC West Village 204
- NYC Midnight amethyst 250
- NYC Lights-camera-glitter 105

Second one in Nfu.Oh, I bought them for myself as an early Birthday gift because who loves me more than I do? Plus they had 10% off on March 8th (you see how good I am with excuses? :)
- Nfu.Oh 61
- Nfu.Oh Aqua base
- Nfu.Oh 65

In March I also got my prize for winning a challenge over at Parokeets (thanks again ladies  :*)
- Essie Too too hot
- Essie Topless & barefoot
- Essie Smokin' hot
- Barry M 319 Silver Foil

- Color club Pure energy
- Color club  Perfect mol-ten
- Color club Femme fatal

My Birthday gift from my BFF:
- Bichun 65
- Bichun 648
- Bichun 671

- Pretty and polished Born again
- Depend 035
- Depend 034
- Essence Kiss on top of the rock

Plus some extra goodies (BFF also)
- Catrice In the Bronx
- two bottles of  Monster high polish

Some ebay and random buys:
- Ebay magnetic nail polish 023
- Essence Into the ocean TE Dive deeper
- Misslyn Peacock LE Flower Bird 724
- Joy 247


I'm just not gonna comment on this :D

Thanks for stopping by **

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  1. ahh my favorite part tega bloga ;) lepo da jih u enmu mescu naberes vec kt mam jst vseh skupi ;) truly JELLY sm za NYC 105. Bahh it suxx thoug da se ne vid not u bichun lakih lunc pa srckov ;( and i get it now zakaj ne rabs porn stuff at home the b00bie ladies r crazy looking ;)

    1. Pol si vsaj enkrat na mesec zadovoljna z mano :D Ti prnesem enkrat un glitter, sam je dost redek :/ Ne vem o kakšnem nail pornu ti to govoriš ;)

  2. Replies
    1. Bolečina za mojo denarnico :D

  3. Koliko lepih lakica! Bas su mi zanimljivi ovi iz Praga, jako lepe boje, kao i Essie, naravno.


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