Saturday, April 28, 2012

Essence Soul sista TE Mojito green


First a question for my readers: today I was frankening again after a long time and I really got into it :) Would you be interested in a month full of frankenpolish posts, a Frankenpolish May? :) Let me know


OK this thing with me finding TE basically untouched is getting ridiculous :) I'm not complaining though :)
We waited for this collection so long, I was already convinced that the stores are gonna skip it. Then I randomly went to buy chocolate (Milka Oreo y u no bad!) and there it was, a full stand :) I only got this beauty. Mojito green is not really mojito green, it's a gorgeous turquoise with subtle gold shimmer. It's quite thick, so it does take some skill to apply it semi decent :) Two coats were needed for full opacity.

Love it, this is gonna be such a great summer shade <3

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Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Nicka K Tropical


Another mani from the vault. Pastels aren't really my thing but sometimes I get an itch, only a pastel can scratch :)

This was such a bitch to take photos; it's a peach pink pastel creme, my camera made it orange, pink, salmon.... You name it :) The application was a bit tricky so I needed three coats. I am overall so unimpressed by this I have nothing more to say :)

Do you like pastels?

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Sunday, April 22, 2012

W7 Metallic Neptune


This is a scheduled post, I am currently enjoying myself in Serbia :)

When I first saw pictures of W7 Metallic polishes, I fell in love. Then came the problem - most UK web stores weren't sending their products to Slovenia. But I finally found one, that wasn't so picky and ordered them all :)

W7 aren't big 3 free but since most polish I own is, I make exceptions from time to tome. Metallic Neptune is has a darkened blue base with a blue to purple shift, sometimes it even flashes green and pink. Big bottle, nice brush, great polish consistency, cheap and beautiful - just how I love them :)

Get ready for the picture spam

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Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Ebay magnetic nail polish 023


My love for magnetic nail polish is still going strong :) I got this pretty purple from Ebay for under 3 dollars (free shipping). The seller butterflybeauty168 has more than 20 different colors to choose from and I already ordered one more. It also comes with a good magnet. And no, I am not affiliated with the seller, just a happy customer :)

Number 23 has a warm purple shimmery base with some blue particles. It's pretty on it's own too and it's the same color as the light stripes once you put the magnet over wet polish.The magnetic effect is quite strong, also opaque in one coat. 

I'm not sure about the big 3 free because there's no ingredients listed on the bottle or Ebay but it doesn't smell extra bad (I'm looking at you Kleancolor), it smells like "normal" polish. All in all, I'm a happy bunny :)

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Saturday, April 14, 2012

Essence Rebels TE Punk royal rock top coat


Lately I have been really lucky with finding limited editions. Few days ago I went to buy shower gel (totally random :) and I found a full Rebels stand. Nothing looked interesting except for the top coat. It looks innocent in the bottle but when you put it on the nails - bam chunky black glitter everywhere :D Glitter is suspended in a sheer black base; similar to the Rock top coat from the Remix collection. This is one coat over bright red creme (also Essence, Applause, applause from the Circus circus TE). You can see the bottle on the swatches, so you can imagine how much darker the color is once you put the topcoat on. The glitter is very dense so you don't have to fish in the bottle to get some on your nails. I did however had some problems with placing it even on the nails. Really love the jelly effect that the polish gives you, but I kinda wished Essence would made a clear version with black glitter.

Do you want something from this TE?

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Tuesday, April 10, 2012

NYC Lights Camera Glitter


This is one of the Prague buys, also known as Starry silver glitter (USA market or it was discontinued and brought back with a different name, the shade number is the same). Either way, it's pretty. Small silver and holo glitter with big blue and pink hexagonal part, all in a clear base. I love how it looks in the bottle, but the polish itself is made for layering since it's too sheer to wear it on its own. 

It's cheap, great brush, dries quickly, doesn't dry gritty......can't say a bad thing about it. All in all, a great nail polish, too bad NYC isn't available here :(

One coat of silver base (Essence Romeo - old version) and 2 coats of Lights Camera Glitter

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Saturday, April 7, 2012

Essence Fruity TE Mashed berries


Mashed berries or at least I think so. Seriously Essence, what is the point of naming your products and then not putting the name on them? That aside, it's a beautiful polish, milky pink base with purple glitter. It looks like an ice cream or a smoothie <3 Mashed berries needed 3 coats, it's quite sheer but that's what makes the glitter nicely visible. I ended up liking this way more that I thought I would, pastels usually aren't my thing.

3 coats plus topcoat, pics were taken outside

Did you get anything from this collection?
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Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Catch of the month - March


I always find good excuses to shop :)

These bottles of nail polish are from a short trip to Prague. I mean, I had to buy them, they are not available here (sure sure, I'll keep telling myself that) 
- Flomar Supershine 16
- Gabriella Salvete 109
- Gabriella Salvete 151
- [b] basic 471

 - Gabriella Salvete 134
 - Gabriella Salvete 141
 - Gabriella Salvete 143
 - Gabriella Salvete 154

- NYC Flat iron green 214
- NYC West Village 204
- NYC Midnight amethyst 250
- NYC Lights-camera-glitter 105

Second one in Nfu.Oh, I bought them for myself as an early Birthday gift because who loves me more than I do? Plus they had 10% off on March 8th (you see how good I am with excuses? :)
- Nfu.Oh 61
- Nfu.Oh Aqua base
- Nfu.Oh 65

In March I also got my prize for winning a challenge over at Parokeets (thanks again ladies  :*)
- Essie Too too hot
- Essie Topless & barefoot
- Essie Smokin' hot
- Barry M 319 Silver Foil

- Color club Pure energy
- Color club  Perfect mol-ten
- Color club Femme fatal

My Birthday gift from my BFF:
- Bichun 65
- Bichun 648
- Bichun 671

- Pretty and polished Born again
- Depend 035
- Depend 034
- Essence Kiss on top of the rock

Plus some extra goodies (BFF also)
- Catrice In the Bronx
- two bottles of  Monster high polish

Some ebay and random buys:
- Ebay magnetic nail polish 023
- Essence Into the ocean TE Dive deeper
- Misslyn Peacock LE Flower Bird 724
- Joy 247


I'm just not gonna comment on this :D

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