Sunday, March 25, 2012

Ludurana flakies


This are my first skittles ever, I was too excited when I got this flakies to wear just one of them ;D 
From left to right: Chuva, Trovao, Flash and Vento
Chuva: blue and orange
Trovao: green and blue (mostly green)
Flash: orange/gold to green
Vento blue and green (mostly blue); on my photos it comes out a little to green

One coat over black plus topcoat

 This is where Vento look most realistic (on my pinkie)

Do you like flakies? I love them :D

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Monday, March 19, 2012

Essence Irreplaceable


I've been so out of writing mood lately. I polish my nails, take photos of it and then I just leave them on my camera, I don't even upload them on my computer. Crazy shit :D

Nudes were never my cup of tea. I love how they look on others, so delicate and feminine, but I couldn't imagine them on me. It all changed when I met this beauty; Essence Irreplaceable, a greyis nude base with tinny gold flakies/flecks. I believe this was 3 coats.


Do you like wearing nudes?
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Saturday, March 3, 2012

Catch of the mont - February


Wanna see how my no-buy went?  Let's say not so great ;D

I do have an excuse for the W7 polishes (beside that they are gorgeous :) I ordered them in January and got them in February, so it's OK, right? Right? :D

- W7 Metallic Jupiter
- W7 Metallic Mars
- W7 Metallic Mercury

- W7 Metallic Neptune
- W7 Metallic Venus
- W7 Cosmic purple

This is some of  the stuff, that Essence discontinued (so I had to buy if I ever wanted it). My BF went to pick them up <3
- Essence Twins Troy
- Essence Got a secret
- Essence Reach peach
- Essence No more drama
- Essence Icy princess

Next are forum sales, swaps......
Ludurana flakies, that I bought from Nihrida for a great price:
- Ludurana Trovao
- Ludurana Vento
- Ludurana Chuva
- Ludurana Flash

- OPI Koala bear-y
- OPI Show it and glow it!
- Sephora by OPI Meet for drinks

- Alessandro 259
- Alessandro 261
- Alessandro 263
- Alessandro 291

Random buys
- Essence Miracle shine! (discontinued, 0.99€)
- Revlon Tropical temptation (reduced to 1€ hell yeah)
- Catrice Blue cara ciao
- CH nail 006 (a gift from my BF)

Polishes I got from my BFF (so happy she get's tired of some shades real quick :)
- Essence Ballerina backstage TE Grand plie in black
- Monster high nail polish
- Paris memories (don't know which number, there's no sticker on)
- Catrice Snow motion!
- Essence Circus confetti


A great no-buy huh? ;) I think I need to make a blog sale, fast.
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