Douglas Fireworks



You know the polishes that look awesome in the bottle, on swatches from other people and even on your own swatches, but in real life you just don't imagine wearing it outside the house? It had never happen to me before, but now it has. Everyone, meet Fireworks AKA another Peridot wannabe. Beautiful warm gold and green duochrome, you can see a little bit of brush strokes, but it doesn't look bad IRL. 

Two coats plus topcoat

I love it on my photos (cocky much?;) but watching it on my hands just felt so wrong :( It already has a new home as you are reading this. I guess it just wasn't meant to be. Has this ever happened to you with any shade?

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  1. Meh! Taki laki me ravno zaradi tistega, kar si napisala na začetku, ne pritegnejo več. Saj je lep, to je pa tudi vse. In ja, se mi je že zgodilo podobno. =)

    1. Jap. Sem še probala najprej najti kakšen izgovor, zakaj ga moram obdržat, potem sem se pa vdala in ga dala naprej :)


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