Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Catch of the month - January


this are gonna be my new posts  - what I got nail polish wise in the past month. I am not trying to brag in any way, this is just for monitoring my shopping. Let's face it, I already have more nail polish than I need and sometimes you don't realize how much you've bought, until you see it all piled up.

Stuff I got from a shopping trip to Austria:
- helmer <3 (does that also count? :)
- Be-yu 209 
- Douglas 15 Fireworks
- b.Pretty 26 Azure pearl
- b.Pretty 12 Rose pearl

- Catrice Sir! Yes, sir!
- Catrice Plum play with me
- Astor 70
- H&M Ballet blue

I also won Shortandsweetnails giveaway:
- Sally Hansen  color quick nail color pen in Green chrom
- Orly Lucky duck

- Color club Holiday splendor
- Color club Beyond the mistletoe

Store bought, blog sales, gifts.....:
- S-he 393
- Lacura Berry
- Essence Jelly baby TE Jummy gummy

- Essence Bella
- Essence Circus circus TE My sparkling acrobat
- Essence  In to the wild TE Zulu

Entire Essence Crazy good time LE
Candyction, Princessorize, Colourbration, Glitterastic, Paradelade, Confetteria

Yeah this is not looking good. I guess I'm going on a no-buy in February :)
Would you like me to swatch any of these polishes?

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Sunday, January 29, 2012

Chanel Graphite


First, I have a little request for any of my American readers; does any of you still have a chance of buying a bottle of Finger Paints Flecked? If you do, please email me or leave a comment :)

Now to nails, in my previous post I told you, I also got to try out Graphite. It's a interesting foil nail polish with silver metallic glitter and smal gold flakes. Under some angles it also flashes olive green. This is two coats plus topcoat.

 My final verdict on this two Chanel's is good nail polish, but not worth the price.I'm not trying to diss them, if you don't think about the price, they are great. Good brush, very opaque, fast drying time, very durable, pretty and stable bottle, I really can't say a bad thing about them. I just don't think, I'll ever be able to justify spending 20+ euros on a single bottle of polish.

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Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Chanel Vendetta


Yeah, I'm a classy bitch now ;) Just kidding, still a broke one, but with awesome people, who let me try out their polishes. The gorgeous Eruanne wished to try out some of my nail polish and in exchange, she let me borrow two of her Chanels - Vendetta and Graphite.

First up is Vendetta, a nice darkened purple with subtle shimmer. In low light it looks pretty dark, almost black but in the sun it lits up. This is two coats, it's very pigmented and you would probably get away with just one coat. I had a little bit of problems with the brush (hint: don't look at my middle finger ;), even though it's a rounded one. Oh well :)

Have you tried any of Chanel nail polish? Honestly, I'm not that impressed, considering this is the infamous Chanel. Also, I'm playing with the size of photos a little bit; do you prefer them bigger or smaller?

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Monday, January 23, 2012

The Versatile Blogger Award


I've been tagged by Sana, Mateja's and Taya, thank you girls ;) 

The rules are:
- Thank the person who nominated you.
- State 7 interesting facts about yourself.
- Nominate 15 of your favorite bloggers

Ok, let's do this....
1. I am a vegetarian, been now since I was was around 14 or 15.
2. Even though I never took a class on sewing, I can sew pretty well.
3. I listen mostly to metal and industrial (and Eminem LOL), but my favorite album ever made is Ten by Pearl jam <3.
4. Someday I wanna learn how to shoot and get a firearms license.
5. I don't drive a car yet, even though I'm old enough to.
6. In real life, I swear like a drunken sailor most of the time.
7. I think I've never been happier in my "adult" life than I am now.

There you go, 7 facts about me. Here comes the part, where I should tag 15 bloggers but since the tag has been going around quite some time, I tag everyone who hasn't been tagged before.

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Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Essence Metallics TE Steel me


Well, this is my first non failed magnetic mani *slow clap* I have quite curved nailbeds so the magnets usually didn't work ( uneven distance between magnet and the whole surface of my nail). Recently I ordered a cheap magnet on ebay and it worked very good, yay cheap ebay crap :)

This is one thick coat of Steel me, a nice charcoal grey/silver.

I really like the effect and I'm so happy i finally made it work. Also, from Essence's previews it looks like they're making a red and blue magnetic polish in spring. *happy dance*

Do you like the magnetic effect or do you prefer something else?
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Thursday, January 12, 2012

Essence TE Legends of the sky Take my red away


How is everyone? My exams haven't even started and the stress is already taking a toll on me. Ok, enough with the selfpity party, let's get to the nails :)

When I saw promo picks for this TE, I was more or less "meh" about it. Not one nail polish looked interesting, it was whether colors I don't like or shades that I already have. About two weeks ago I accidentally stumbled on a half empty stand. There was only one Take my red away left. It looked plain red (and I have a lot of that in my stash) but I kinda had to take it :). Now I'm really happy I did. This is one coat, no topcoat, look at how shiny it is! It's a gorgeous, pink leaning creme red, it dries very fast and I would really regret not buying it.

And cause I'm a major glitter whore, I sponged the tips with OPI Glow up already from Burlesque collection.

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Sunday, January 1, 2012

Glitter french


Happy New Year everyone! I hope you had an amazing New Year's Eve and I wish you all the best for 2012 :) 

Now to the nails; this is one coat of Essence White secret, a sheer white polish to cover up my stained nails (I use base coat everytime, I swear *sad face*). Then I did the tips with Essence Crazy me from the Crazy about color collection and topped it with Hello holo (also by Essence). Too bad the camera didn't capture the sparkly holo effect.


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