Frankenpolish: Drenched


Hello :)

It's been a while since I did some frankening but I'm getting back to it. This is a new addition to my collection; a juicy glittery red jelly by the name Drenched. It's nothing original but I love this type of squishy jelly polish with ''floating'' particles. 

The recipe is simple:
1/2 of clear
few drops of Essence Call it fame (or any other bright red)
fill up the rest with Essence Circus confetti

This is 3 to 4 coats and it's still quite sheer (you could see the nail line if my nails were longer) but I don't mind. Plus if the polish is more opaque, you don't see the glitter peeking trough <3 

Also, my middle finger is slowly getting back to normal, yay :)

Thanks for stopping by **

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  1. fantastičan franken, bravo :-D

  2. Fini franken, ja bi jedino malo vise glittera :D

    1. Jaz tudi, sem še mali učila delat lake :)


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