L.A. Girl Matte Blue Twilight


Hello :)

In my previous post I asked you what would you like to see next and the first wish was made by Nanethiel - here you go :)

Blue twilight is a matte dusty dark blue polish with purple undertones. The finish to me is somewhere between matte and plastic. It's very pigmented but you still need two coats because it applies unevenly. The brush is a nomal rounded one and it dries a little bit longer that matte polishes usually do (plus China glaze Fast forward quick drying top coat spoiled me rotten :) Unfortunately, Blue twilight is not very durable, I had tip wear after 12 hours :( All in all, it's a nice polish, but  I wasn't really impressed.

Natural light:

That's why I put some subtle leopard over it, that usually helps ;)

Artificial light:

Which version do you like better?

Thanks for stopping by **

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  1. Tale odtenek se skriva tudi v moji zbirki. Meni je zelo všeč, je pa res, da ne zdrži preveč dolgo na nohtih - nadlak pa 'pokvari' mat izgled. Nimam preveč rada nail art-a, ampak tale ti je pa čudovito uspel. Kombinacija barv je super.

  2. matte polishes usually last shorter, but nice color... leopard print is great :-D

  3. I love it on it's own, but with the design it's really perfect! <3


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