Sunday, August 21, 2011

China glaze Kiwi cool-ade


To keep up with my last mani, I give you neon...and I mean NEON!!! Don't let my shitty photos get you into thinking, that this is just a vivid green. Kiwi cool-ada is a crazy in-your-face neon green, but for some reason, my camera really didn't wanna pick that up. This is three coats on it's own, which I think is pretty OK for a neon. This is with topcoat, cause it dries semi matte.

Neons: yay or nay?

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  1. looks great but I'd probably only wear it on weekends ;)

  2. totaln yey! noro dobr prstan in ful maš lepe nohte! =)

  3. ulala, to pa je vpadljiv neonček...na tvojih nohtih zgleda super, ampak sama ga ne bi pa nikoli nosila :) mi niti približno ne bi pasal. Mogoče v roza izvedbi :)

    Prstan <3

  4. jaz bi ga pa non-stop nosla!! :) nor je! :D

  5. awww...lepših nohtkov še nism vidla :) <3

  6. AWESOME! :D that just brights up your day, doesn't it? ^^

  7. @hermetic: thank you :) yeah, it's not exactly office appropriate

    @Mancina: hvala <3

    @.sparkle*: ni ravno za vse okuse ja :) neon roza se pa sliši super

    @misaya: mam občutek, da tudi pri meni kar pogosto v uporabi :)

    @sandryca: awww, hvala lepa <3

    @Nanethiel: it sure does, I couldn's stop looking at them ;)

  8. look great on you. and love your nails :)


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