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I've started to write this post so many times it's ridiculous. Blogging started to really take a lot of my time and study stuff started to pile up. As an addition my camera broke, so I kinda stopped blogging in February. I kept reading other blogs and slowly I've started to miss it. But I've been thinking so long wheter I should come back or not. A part of me was like: ''Hell, it's your blog, you can do whatever you want to do with it'', but the other part was thinking:''Well, you can't just stop and start again whenever you feel like it.''  Yeah I know, I overly complicate things :) So, looks like I'm back y'all.

*          *          *

Now to the fun part: nail polish :) What I'm showing you today is two coats of Rock'n'roll with black crackle, both from Essence. I put a topcoat over it, since crackle dries matte. Rock'n'roll is a silver foil with a great application (back in the days when Essence still knew how to make decent Multi dimension brushes) but is a bitch to get off, like most foils are. It gets super sparkly in the sun <3 I'm not sure it's still available though.

I kinda had problems with crackle polish at the beginning, the cracks were really small and stringy. What I've learned trough time is that I have to slap on a pretty thick coat and that the base polish needs to be completely dry, so I usually put it on after a few days to hide the tip wear (I'm a lazy bum :) or polish my nails before bed and put crackle on in the morning. Do you like crackle polishes or do you like manis without it?

Thanks for stopping by!*

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  1. Yay! Nazaj si :D

    Tudi jaz ponavadi nanesem plast crackle laka čez kak dan ali dva, ko se na trenutnem laku pojavijo kakšne "napake" :)

  2. Welcome back! I like your notd! It inspired me to put black crackle on my overly sweet and girly pink holo (which I'm still not sold on). I love the crackle effect but only in black, silver and gold. Any other colors looks off to me.


  3. Biba: ja, yay :) crackle je super za zamaskirat kakšen tipwear
    Chester: i'd love to check out your nails, it's sounds awesome:)


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