EOTD: Obliterate my fate


Hey :)

Today I have a MU look for you and I really have problems naming these posts, so I've decided it's gonna be EOTD plus lyrics of songs that's stuck in my head currently :)
Basically it's just an easy purple look. I feel like I do purples a lot cause they go well with my eye color, but it's slowly getting boring.

Things I used (which is pretty much the same all the time :):
- Essence Eyeshadow base (TE You rock)
- 88 palette
- Essence Smokey eyes multi action mascara
- Essence Long lasting eye pencil in black

All pictures are clickable :)

Totally stealing Nihrida style again *blush*

The song for this look is Obliterate my fate by Asphyxia. Love it, but probably not everyone's cup of tea :)

Do you like colorful make up or are you more of a natural look type of person?

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  1. Krasen MU. Res ti lepo paše. Tretja fotka mi je prekrasna.

  2. Kakšno kožo imaš! Ö Brez ene same napake, ja wau. ♥ Meni je tudi tretka najbolj všeč, res lepa. ♥

  3. Ful lepo :)

  4. Hvala vsem *blushes*:)

  5. Love this look! and I'm glad you're back =)

  6. ful lep mu:) ..obvladaš:) ....bi mogla večkrat prijet v roke barve ;)

  7. Your brown eyes are so beautiful! And the purples go really nice with them :-D

  8. Whoa, prelepe oči imaš, in obrvi!! Joj, obrvi imaš pa res perfektne! Jaz rabim nekaj s svojimi naredit, potem sem pa veliko bolj pozorna nanje. :) Make up je fantasičen, res, ampak obrvi so tiste, ki ukradejo show zame. ;)

  9. Thank you all for your kind words :)


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