Colors and shoes



I am in nail polish hell - first I had on Wet'n'wild Eggplant frost (which is gorgeous BTW). What happened? Bubbles. I took it off and put Catrice Winetastic on. Guess what happened. If you said bubbles then congratulations, you could be a psychic ;) I probably wont take it off because bubbles aren't so so noticeable IRL and I HATE removing nail polish. It still pisses me of and I can't show you any pictures. So what you will see today is a crazy ''I'm bored'' make up look and my pretty new shoes :)

Things I used:
- 88 palette
- Essence Multi action mascara
- Essence  Eyeliner pen
- Essence Long lasting eye pencil in black

I also adore shoes, actually I wouldn't even need clothing, just give me shoes and nail polish and I'll be happy ;) Got them on Ebay for 15£ *happy dance*

But my parents really dislike them.
Mom&dad: ''Honey, you're not gonna know...where them outside, right?
Me: ''Ummm, yeah :)''
Mom&dad (look at each other with facial expressions that say where the fuck did we went wrong?) XD

I'm still thinking how to work them out. What would you wear with them?
Thanks for stopping by*

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  1. If it wasn't for the full heel, I'd steal them from you! The design is fantastic! But I really don't like full heel, so i'll let you have them. ;) I think they'll go well with everything, they're awesome, and awesome shoes don't need much to stay awesome.

  2. okice su prekrasne :-)
    i čizme mi se sviđaju ;-)
    ali bih voljela da sam vidila i sliku noktiju, makar i s mjehurićima :-)

  3. I like your make up look and your eyebrows they are very well shaped

  4. the EOTD is just fab!!! Lovely blog honey...I'm a new follower...wud love a follow back from you :D


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