Orly - Space cadet



If someone said to me a couple of years ago: You'll love a multichrome polish, I would called them batshit crazy......and look at me now :) Space cadet is awesomeness on crack.
This polish is from Orly Cosmic FX Fall 2010 Collection and I think they really made a good one. Space cadet is a multichrome foil with teal base. Two main colors are violet and green but there's also pink, gold, orange, blue... It reminds me of an oil spill (just a bit more ecological :) Application was OK, it dries fast. I used 3 or 4 coats since it's pretty sheer. A friend ordered it for me on eBay, it was around 11 euros. Worth every cent if you ask me.

Choosing photos was really hard, I didn't want to spam to much :)

Sporting my new ring :)

And I'm still having problems with bubbles, I'm experimenting with different combinations of base coat and top coat with drying drops.
Did you get anything from this collection?

Thanks for stopping by*

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  1. I tried out the entire collection and Space Cadet takes the prize. It's also the one I got, Halley's Comet got a dupe in much cheaper Essence bottle and I'm still not really sure on Out Of This World and Lunar Eclipse, so I don't think I'll get those two. Not sure though. But Space Cadet is beyond words of awesomness. :)

  2. Moram priznat, da ti pa tale lak tako nenormalno paše. :) Kot da je bil narjen za tvoje roke. ;)

  3. Uuuu, imela bi ga, imela! :D

    Res ti zelo paše!

  4. @Ulmiel: se popolnoma strinjam :)
    @Ivana: hvala *blushes*
    @Biba: verjemem :)sem ga kar nekaj časa iskala preden sem ga dobila

  5. oo tud js si ga že neki časa želim :( verjetno ga lah z vsem kombiniraš ker ima veliko ''pomešanih'' barv :)


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