Today's polish is a frankenpolish, called Nirate (a pirate that has ninja characteristics), it's an inside joke :) Nirate consists of S-he 427 and a dark blue polish, it's from last summer so I don't remember anymore which was it. Since we're having a couple of sunny days here and I asked you what you wanna see I decided to put it on my nails. Even though its sunny, I could make a decent photo, the holo effect is much stronger in real life :( Damn you winter sun (or is it that I suck at photos? :) Anyways, still a nice polish, can't wait for summer to wear it more. Two coats, great application.

In the shade:

With flash:

In the sun:

Any tips for photographing holos?

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  1. Uuuuuuu, res je lep! :) Kakšne lepotce lahko zmešamo iz 427 - edinega holota, ki ga premoremo v drogerijah. xD

  2. Čudoviiit je! :) Ja, bo to kar zimsko sonce :/

  3. Uf tale vam je pa res všeč :) Hvala ;)
    427 je pa res univerzalen lak ja, sem dala skoz že ene 3 stekleničke pa ga nikoli nisem imela samega na nohtih :)

  4. This is so beautiful!! Great job Ina!


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