Essence Black&White - Black out



When I first saw the Black&White collection I was not impressed but how can a girl like me resist  buying a black polish? ;) I am glad I bought it though because it's a great one coater, a little bit on the thick side but nothing unmanageable. Black out dries very fast into a soft-touch finish, I would say plastic.

The wear is also great, after 4 days I got bored and added some glitter, S-he and Claire's and a matte top coat (yes, I was really bored :).

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  1. Všeč mi je, tako sam kot z glitterčki! :) Ga pa že nekaj časa gledam na polički, ker je res pravi črn leporez za ruffian, ampak se nekako ne spravim k delu. :D

  2. Za ruffian bo res super, ga mam namen tud jaz za to porabit :)

  3. svidja mi se s glitterom, doduse bilo bi lijepo vidjet i bez mat topcoata

  4. The combination with the glitters is so gorgeous! The black polish on itself is looking very good on your nails!


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