Franken Fugly



Today I'm having another frankenpolish on my nails. It's a light grassy green with strong yellow undertone and shimmer. I just mixed up some almost empty bottles of polish that I initially bought for other peoples frankenpolishes. Really didn't know what to do with light blue, yellow and baby blue shimmery frost polish (LOL) so i just mixed it up and probably add something that I don't remember anymore and voila, this is what came out. This is three coats, the drying time was super fast as usual with frankenpolishes. My nails are still short. The one that broke (or better said, tore into my nail bed ouch!) finally grew out and I shortened the rest of them to same length. Now they can all grow long and strong together (cheesy much?:)

Natural light:

Close up so you can see the shimmer:

With flash:

I really don't like it, just not my color so I'll probably reuse it again. I was thinking about mixing it up with red (I mean, it can't get any worse, can it? ;) What color would you try to make out of it?

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  1. I'd mix it with a dark blue. I bet it would become a very pretty teal. Personally, though, I love it just as it is...

  2. Oh WOW! Love this color :) its so elegant

  3. I would keep the colour the way it is. :P

  4. Really beautiful green! I love green :D

  5. Thank you all <3 Now I can decide whether to mixed it or not :)


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