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If you're going to San Francisco . . . . . be sure to bring nail polish remover and hide all the sharp object near you. I also understand why it's called sinful; I was swearing like a drunken pirate while putting this on. I knew what the deal was when I ordered this polish. Sinful Colors are known to be very sheer but some of the shades are opaque in one or two coats. Well not this one :( I think it needed around 5 coats (I stopped counting after the third coat). The polish is sheer, watery, runny, it bubbles, if the bottom layers aren't completely dry you drag all the polish of your nail, you get that extra mysterious drop of polish that comes out of nowhere. Plus it doesn't want to dry. I put it on around noon and when I woke up the next morning, I was basically one whit my bedding (sounds wrong, right? ;) The only thing that saved it is the color, I mean look at it.

 A gorgeous shimmery deep green. It has a bit of a frost but it's not really noticeable IRL. I also like the stiff brush. Maybe it would work for layering over dark base since it's so sheer. Really hope that will work cause I don't have the patience for such problematic polishes no matter how good they look.
Do you have any more luck with Sinful polishes?

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  1. Hmm, 5 plasti, to pa je veliko, bo res treba paziti na ostre predmete=). Ampak barva je pa res prekrasna<3.

    Nimam še nobenega Sinfulčka, tako da tudi z njihovo prekrivnostjo nimam izkušenj=)

  2. Ja saj je bila barva edini razlog da sem sploh vztajala :) upom da bo šlo čez črno

  3. OOO, čez črno bi pa res rada vidla kako zgleda, more bit res lepa kombinacija =)

    Lahko tudi probaš slojit čez kakšen zelen lak, bo mogoče bolj prekriven =)

    Drugače je pa barva res lepa <3


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