Sunday, November 21, 2010

Color club: Art of seduction


This time I decided to go with something bright and sparkly and Art of seduction (love the name ;) seemed the right polish for it. It's from Color Club’s Glitter Vixen collection.

Art of seduction is a clear base with red glitter. You need around 4 coats for total coverage so I rather put 2 coats over medium red polish. Since it dries bumpy and not glossy I topped it with a coat of clear polish.
Pictures are taken with natural lightning. It looks as if there is also gold glitter in it, but it's not visible IRL.

Application was OK, no problems there. Can't tell you about drying time because I used Essence Express dry drops so the polish got dried in matter of minutes. I can already imagine the joy of removing all this glitter:) I'm gonna try the soaked pads and foil method and hope for the best :)

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  1. wau, kakšni nohti <3 dolžina in oblika sta mi ful všeč!pa še lak je res lepe barve :)

    haha, joooj...odstranjevanje bo pa verjetno res izziv :/ :)

  2. mam srečo, urco nazaj sem iskala swatche točno tega laka :D sem upala, da ni tako zelo chunky :(

  3. Uuuuu, kako je lep <3..... že gre na mojo WL

    Veliko sreče pri odstranjevanju =)

  4. @.sparkle*: hvala <3 meni je tudi ta dolžino dobra, ampak se mi je en zalomil in so zdaj čisto kratki :(

    @Tinchi: upam da ti je swatch vseeno pomagal :)

    @colorfulbottle: hvala za pošiljanje sreče, jo bom rabila ;D


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