Thursday, November 25, 2010

Frankenpolish ''Zoya Roxy wannabe''


Last week I found a 4 pack of two fuchsia, silver and gold glitter for 1€....cha ching :) when I looked at it I instantly thought: Roxy frankenpolish. Final result doesn't resembles Roxy that much but I still love it. For base I used Essence Late at night. I do think that this shade used to be darker but I don't have any old photos of it so I can't compare. It's a rich medium creme, opaque in two coats and it applies like butter:) Ahhh the history me and Late at night have <3 I started wearing nail polish when I was about 14 or 15 and for three years I only wore black and red polish (a darker one and Late at night). So believe me when I say I went trough a whole lot of of bottles of this baby. I didn't mixed the glitter with nail polish because of my previous experiences that it discolored and sank down into a thick mess. So I just sprinkled glitter on top of wet polish, waited to dry a little bit and topped with topcoat. The downfall is that you can only do one hand at a time otherwise the glitter will stick on the hand that you're sprinkling with :) I did one hand before I went to bed and the other one in the morning.

 Natural light:

As you can see my nails are very short, I broke one last weekend (damn you crazy nights:). I don't think that they look ugly now or anything but I'm really not used seeing them so short on me. Oh well, they'll grow back.

And to make this post even longer, I give you eyes to match the nails:)
Things I used:
- 88 palette
- Fyrinnae Snow white (great pigmentation but a bitch to blend)
- Essence Multi action mascara
- Essence  Eyeliner pen
- Essence Long lasting eye pencil in black
- Manhattan Multi effect eyeshadow in 65Q violet

I usually complete one eye first and then move on to the other. Since it gets dark quite fast here this time of the yeah, I wanted to photograph my make up with decent lightning and then do the other eye. Then the bell rang and I opened the front door looking something like this.... yeah I think I gave our postman a good laugh

The final result :) I kinda borrowed the ''Nihrida style'' picture

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Sunday, November 21, 2010

Color club: Art of seduction


This time I decided to go with something bright and sparkly and Art of seduction (love the name ;) seemed the right polish for it. It's from Color Club’s Glitter Vixen collection.

Art of seduction is a clear base with red glitter. You need around 4 coats for total coverage so I rather put 2 coats over medium red polish. Since it dries bumpy and not glossy I topped it with a coat of clear polish.
Pictures are taken with natural lightning. It looks as if there is also gold glitter in it, but it's not visible IRL.

Application was OK, no problems there. Can't tell you about drying time because I used Essence Express dry drops so the polish got dried in matter of minutes. I can already imagine the joy of removing all this glitter:) I'm gonna try the soaked pads and foil method and hope for the best :)

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Friday, November 19, 2010

OPI - Siberian nights


Here it is, my first OPI polish. I've been feeling stressed and snappy lately so I needed something dark on my nails to cool me down :)
Siberian nights is from their 2007 Russian collection and it's a dark purple vampy creme. And yes, I'm a total sucker for great names :) The purple shows in the daylight or more accurately in the sun, otherwise it looks black-ish. But hey, that's what vampys do :) Really love the color. This is 3 coats because the polish is kinda sheer and streaky, it also took ages to fully dry. I do on the other hand love the wide flat brush and the handle. The thing that stands out is how glossy this polish is (no topcoat ladies :)

Natural light, rainy weather:


Durability is really shitty on my nails unfortunately, it started chipping after 12 hours. Overall this polish is nothing special so I kinda don't get the hype around OPI. They're also quite expensive, around 13€ or 8€+shipping if you buy it online. I bought this second hand, I wouldn't pay that much money for a fairly average nail polish (only because I'm a broke ass student, I have nothing against people who buy more expensive polishes:) I would buy it only if there was an amazing shade that couldn't be duped.

Do you like OPI nail polish or do you think they are overrated?

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Sunday, November 14, 2010

Jennifer's body


This manicure was inspired by the movie Jennifer's body and this is what the main character (Megan Fox <3) had on her nails. I wouldn't recommend the movie to you, it's pretty average, so only for Megan Fox fans :) I used two Essence polishes; Fatal for black and Glam girl for red. Fatal is a classic black creme and Glam girls is something between jelly and creme which is awesome, because you get the opacity of creme and the shine of jelly. I used two coats of each. All photos are clickable.

When I wore this to work today, my supervisor (it's a she) gave me a weird look :) Would you wear this or do you think it's too much?
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Saturday, November 13, 2010

Sinful green


This is the make up I wore with San Francisco nail polish. I really like this ''pop of color'' looks because they are fun and different. You still keep the smokey, you just give it a bit of oopmh :)

Things I used:
- Essence Black goddess
- 88 palette
- Essence Multi action mascara
- Essence  Eyeliner pen
- Gosh Black ink eyeliner

Hope you like it :)

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Friday, November 12, 2010

Sinful Colors - San Francisco


If you're going to San Francisco . . . . . be sure to bring nail polish remover and hide all the sharp object near you. I also understand why it's called sinful; I was swearing like a drunken pirate while putting this on. I knew what the deal was when I ordered this polish. Sinful Colors are known to be very sheer but some of the shades are opaque in one or two coats. Well not this one :( I think it needed around 5 coats (I stopped counting after the third coat). The polish is sheer, watery, runny, it bubbles, if the bottom layers aren't completely dry you drag all the polish of your nail, you get that extra mysterious drop of polish that comes out of nowhere. Plus it doesn't want to dry. I put it on around noon and when I woke up the next morning, I was basically one whit my bedding (sounds wrong, right? ;) The only thing that saved it is the color, I mean look at it.

 A gorgeous shimmery deep green. It has a bit of a frost but it's not really noticeable IRL. I also like the stiff brush. Maybe it would work for layering over dark base since it's so sheer. Really hope that will work cause I don't have the patience for such problematic polishes no matter how good they look.
Do you have any more luck with Sinful polishes?

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Sunday, November 7, 2010

S-he 437


Yup, here we go again with numbers. But as the little Shakespeare in me would say: You could be named Douche bag and you'd still be hot as hell :) This beauty is definitely one of my favourite polishes (therefore get ready for picture spam, they're all clickable).

437 has a deep red base and small red and golden glitter particles. Gold is more visible in the bottle than on nails which is fine with me. Smooth application, 2 coats, quick drying time. The only thing I'm not that fond of is the brush - it's a bit thin for my taste but still manageable. S-he polishes are terribly underrated in my opinion. Don't know why but they really don't look anything special on the shelves as oppose how good they look on nails. They also have a big range of colors and are cheap - a little under 2 euros for 11ml. I am planing on buying addition bottle of the polish, just in case it goes out of sale (which S-he does occasionally). I think it's a fairly old shade since I've already used half of bottle.

And a new necklace I managed to get my claws on :) It's form Essence LE Metallics. I'm not religious but I do have a thing for crosses.

With flash:

Natural light:

Do you have any nice S-he polishes?
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Friday, November 5, 2010

Violet eyes of the day


Yeah I do have troubles naming my post when it comes to make up ;) This is a quick make up look that I do, when I literally have two minutes to get ready.  A little bland for my taste, but hey it's hard to make a smokey in really short amount of time. Everyday can't be full on make up day right? :)

Thing I used:
- 88 palette
- Essence Multi action mascara
- Essence  Eyeliner pen

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Thursday, November 4, 2010

Happy 101 award


I got tagged! This is my first tag ever so I will always remember it ( cheesy much? :) The gorgeous lady that tagged me is V from Rehab for your make-up addiction 

The rules are:
1. Post who gave you this award.
2. State 10 things you like.

3. Give this award to 10 other bloggers and notify them with a comment.

So, here we go, 10 thing I like:

1. Black 
Black everything, if it comes in black, I'll take it :) It started about 6 years ago, I just feel best if I'm surrounded by black things

2. Gin&Sprite
Love it ;) But as much I am passionate about booze, I'm against drunk driving. And yes, having one beer is drinking....so, drink responsible people!

3. Sewing
A great and useful way to get your creativity out....plus, it's cheaper than therapy ;)

4. Pigs
Really like them, hope to have one as a pet some day

5. Grapefruit
Juicy and tasty

6. Vampires
The ''real'' ones, no Twilight bullshit please. Mr. Dracula, would you marry me? :)

7. Snow
Ah snow <3 Brings out my inner little girl

8. The moon
If I had a say at it, we would have at least two moons, I love them that much

9. Tattoos and piercings
I see our body's as art forms so I like body modification on myself and others

10. Finland
My dream location. The language, culture, architecture, sauna, weather.......dammit, I should be born in Finland :)

OK, so now on to the tagging....bloggers that I tag are:
nail swatches

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Monday, November 1, 2010

Manhattan Spice up your nails nail stickers


I upgraded my mani with Manhattan limited edition nail stickers. They look like chains, so what's there not to like? ;) I put a coat of top coat on them but they stick very well on their own too. It's the first day of wear so i can't tell you about durability yet. Love the end result <3

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