True blood…


..because the only thing that sparkles is Lafayette *wink wink*
This look was inspired by vampires since I've been watching a lot of True blood lately. Things i used:
-          88 palette
-          Fyrinnae Candy coated
-          Essence Multi action mascara
-          Essence Eyeliner pen

I really like the look but I do realize that a lot of people would say that it's too much. My personal opinion is that we should just wear and do what we want regardless of what people say is OK and normal and appropriate. And yeah, i totally rocked this look while grocery shopping :)

Plus a little eye candy at the end; an old promo

Thanks for stopping by *

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  1. :) Haha, spet mene po zobeh vlačite z MU-ji za v trgovino :P Tista moja mat rdeča je neonska v živo.

    This is gorgeous. Matches your background.

  2. @Gone2RehabBRB: sorry, nisem ciljala nate ;)

    thank you both <3

  3. You have awesome eyes!! Those shades of red/plum look great on you!

  4. This looks gorgeous! Like your eye liner :)
    I am following you now. Hope you stop by and visit my blog too :)

  5. it's not too much.... it's just.... PERFECT :D


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