Essence - Glisten up! Frankenpolish


I'm the type of girl that wants to keep her polish on as long as possible. There's more reasons: i hate hate hate nail polish removers, putting nail polish off is my least favourite cosmetic thing to do (opposed to putting it on) and second, my nails seem to be healthier if i only change my mani every 4 to 5 days.  That is why i like layering, ruffian and other things to spice up my nails when i get bored with polish on my nails. I was going to put frankenpolish off because it chips quite fast when i remembered i have Glisten up! Glisten up! is a sheer light blue with green/blue shimmer, glitter and flakies. Because of the weird color combination (red and light blue) i thought: Damn, this is gonna be ugly ;) But what the heck, it was going to put it off anyway. I added one coat and what do you know, i am loving it! This one is definitely not coming off today…or tomorrow:)
Natural light

Close up


Under some angles it looks like it has golden shimmer in it too

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