Saturday, September 13, 2014

Review: Born pretty store nail stickers


I got two more Born pretty store products to test, one are these fun summertime nail stickers. 
The packaging is classic, you get 14 strips in different sizes which is great cause you can do a full mani and you still have some left for accent nails. It also gives you a better chance at finding the correct strip size for your nail (but you can also cut them, they're soft and they don't tear). 
The stickers are beautiful but unfortunately my experience wasn't good. It's not the stickers fault, it's my curvy nails :( As a result, I couldn't get a nice smooth application as you can see in the photos below. Such a shame, I bet these would look amazing on flatter nails.

Nail stickers are available here for 2.99$ and you can browse for more nail art here 
You can get 10% off your purchase with the code SAWQ10

Wednesday, September 10, 2014

Ikona event (The New Black & Kardashian beauty)


Am I late to the party or what? :) Back in July Ikona Ljubljana organised a blogger event, presenting us with new brands on our market, The New Black and Kardashian beauty. We were greeted by the lovely employers who gave us a short presentation of the store and the two brands. After that, we were free to browse the products, eat some chocolates and drink delicious tea..
As a nail blogger I gravitated more toward The New Black products so I was really excited when I saw their nail polish in the goodie bag we got.

Saturday, September 6, 2014

Review: Born pretty stamping plate QA75


I got to test another great Born pretty store product, QA75 stamping plate. The images are very similar, floral patterns and a perfume bottle. What I really like about it is that it's big (insert a dirty joke here if you want to :) When my nails get longer, most stamping plates don't work me anymore because the images don't cover the entire length of my nail. These patterns are long enough to no not give me any problems so I'll be able to use it even with my claws <3.

This stamping plate is available  here for 2.99$ and more nail art here 
You can get 10% off your purchase with the code SAWQ10

Wednesday, September 3, 2014

Catrice Must-Have STEELetto


Catrice came out with some new polishes. Good thing: the colors are gorgeous. Bad thing: the brushes are still horrendous! I truly believe that Catrice staff consists of sadistic people who probably laugh every time someone says "new and improved brush". Catrice I love your polishes, please please please bring the original brushes back!
I wanted to buy First class up-grade but then I saw swatches and comparison on Danny's blog (go check her post here, she's an awesome blogger) and decided that I don't need it. But I did get Catrice Must-Have STEELetto, a beautiful metallic silver lilac polish. Two coats were enough, formula is ok and the brush....well scroll down for the brush pics :)

Catrice Must-Have STEELetto: 2 coats + top coat

Sunday, August 31, 2014

Summertime manis part 2


I'm back yay :) Life is still hectic but I love nail polish and blogging about it so what is a bit more work on top of a lot of work, right? 
Here's what I've been wearing on my nails since my last post.

Click for more detailed photos and see you again next week <3

Sunday, August 3, 2014

Summertime manis part 1


How is everyone? I hope you're having a wonderful warm Summer :) Just a quick post to show you what I've been wearing the past weeks.

Click for more photos and see you again next month <3

Sunday, June 15, 2014

Summertime checkout


Remember the Summer of 2012 on my blog? I'm doing a similar break this year too. Between work, exams, lab work for my thesis there's really not much time for anything else. I'm not a quitter but I'm not gonna pretend I'm this super pefect person, who can have it all under control.
I will still polish my nails and I'll probably do a collage for each month just like I did in 2012. I hope I'll see you all again in Fall, take care and polish your nails <3

Thanks for stopping by**

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