Wednesday, April 22, 2015

Spring water marble

You know when you really like the way something looks but you hate doing it? No, I'm not talking about exes, I'm talking about water marbling :) If you're been reading my blog for a while perhaps you remember my rage when I did a water marble and then swore I'm never doing it again. No, I didn't cave in, I found a way around it. I've found a new water marble technique online where you don't have to dunk fingers in the water and deal with the nasty cleanup. You just drip the polish in water, make the design and then just let it sit. In a few hours the nail polish completely dries and you can gently pick the thin layer of dried polish from the water surface. Then you just cut it into decals and apply it over a slightly wet polish on your nails. You have some clean up left but nothing drastic.
I wanted something happy and colorful. For water marbling I used Bourjois Green fizz, Kiko 336, Color club Wink wink twinkle and Depend 035 (same if I didn't cause it didn't show). I didn't wanna overkill it with marble so I combined it with Green fizz on some nails.
I loved this mani and I even got a few compliments on it which rarely happens in real life, I usually get passive aggressive ones haha :)

Saturday, April 18, 2015

Starry starry night

Reader and a fellow blogger Lana from Lana's fairytale wished to see the starry pattern from BP-L 006 plate and who am I too say no :) To be honest I was eyeing that pattern too and since I already had my favourite blue on I just went ahead. The base is two coats of Kiko 336, a gorgeous electric blue. For stamping I used Essence Prince charming. I've read a few times that some bloggers had problems with it stamping but it worked ok with me. But this is where the fun began :) I have no clue what happened but the camera didn't want to show the stamping on pics. I kept looking at my nails and at the camera display window and I was just like can you not? Spoiler it did :) I tried a few other locations at my house but the result was not perfect. I did include one photo at the end so you can see how it actually looked :)So please keep this in minds as you look at the photos. The mani was gorgeous thought <3

Tuesday, April 14, 2015

Farmona: prvi vtis


danes vas na blogu čaka malo drugačna objava. Podjetje Farmona mi je v testiranje poslalo nekaj svojih izdelkov. Ker gre za testerje ta objava predvsem predstavlja moje prve vtise in zato ne morem govoriti o dolgoročnem učinku. Tester si lahko naročite tukaj.

Najprej nekaj o mojih laseh. Trenutno lase izraščam, so nebarvani, a imam še vedno ostanke barve na konicah, kjer so lasje suhi. So tanki in zato pogosto naelektreni. Najprej sem preizkusila Hair Genic Bambo & Oils duo šampona in maske.

Hair Genic Bambo & Oils šampon za krepitev las: ima strukturo gela, v testerju se mi je zdela precej majhna količina šampona. Šampon se je slabo penil a je vseeno dobro očistil lase.

Hair Genic Bambo & Oils maska za krepitev las: glede na to, da gre za masko je po konsistenci zelo lahka, deluje kot balzam. Količinsko jo je bilo v vzorcu dovolj, lase pa mi je dobro nahranila, vseeno pa niso bili obteženi.

Wednesday, April 8, 2015

Review: Chevron nails


Final product that I was sent from from Born pretty store is this gorgeous plate, BP-L 006. It even came in a little paper sleeve <3 I picked it out because it has big images so it's great for longer nails and it's also a great mix of animal prints, geometric shapes and smaller themed designs. 
For this mani I went with a chevron design, I've seen many manis like that created with the help of nail vinyls but I'm to lazy for that :) For the base I used Barry M Silver and Color club Beyond the mistletoe for the glitter nails or Essence Fatal. For stamping I used my trusted Konad Black (great stamping polish but a bitch to clean up). I wanted to add some extra bling to the black nails so I put a big hexagonal glitter on each nail but the glitters were weird and not visible under some angles. Oh well :) I think this was my first stamping over a glitter base and I really liked how the holo glitters looked with a glossy black contrast color <3

Barry M Silver 1 coat + Color club Beyond the mistletoe 1 coat + Essence Fatal 2 coats + Konad Black + top coat

Saturday, April 4, 2015

March favourites


Here we go again, I managed to do another faves post. A bit late but oh well :)

Thursday, April 2, 2015

Review: Owl mani


Shorties! :) Spring time is here so I decided to do a Spring inspired mani using Born pretty store stamping plate that I was sent for reviewing purposes.
For the base I used 2 coats of OPI Pink Friday which is one of my fave bright yet pastel pinks. I worn it quite a few times but I don't think I ever showed it here on it's own. Ooops :) Pinkie and pointer finger both got a coat of Essence Bird of paradise with lovely pastel bar glitters. For the rest of nails I used Barry M Silver which is my go to silver polish for stamping and BP-54 stamping plate. How cute are the owls? <3

OPI Pink Friday 2 coats + Essence Bird of paradise 1 coat + Barry M Silver + BP-54 + top coat

Saturday, March 28, 2015

Essence Cinderella TE Prince charming


When Essence released Cinderella promo photos I wasn't really impressed/didn't think I'd need anything. But one thing did caught my attention and that was Essence Cinderella TE Prince charming, a metallic blue nail polish. It left some brush strokes and it bubbled on me but its just so damn pretty <3 I have to try it for stamping, let's hope it will work.

Essence Cinderella TE Prince charming 2 coats

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