Monday, May 18, 2015

Spring roses


It's time to clean up my picture volt again so today I'm showing you a very old mani. It's actually so old I can't even find these rose water decals on Born pretty store site :) Bases are Kiko 245, a gorgeous plumy shimmer and Coral 181, my go to pink. I'm not sure I like the combo with the decals but the polishes on their own are enough for me to love this.

Now that I'm looking and these photos I kinda like the old black fabric material background better then the current paper one. Which one do you prefer?

Kiko 245 2 coats + Coral 181 2 coats+ Born pretty store water decals

Wednesday, May 13, 2015

Review: Everyday makeup look featuring Avon


A while ago Avon offer to send me a few of their products to test out and as a makeup junkie I could not say no :) I got three products that are perfect for creating an "everyday look".  First I have to say that I love the cardboard packaging, I really wish they would use the design on the actual products too. What the cardboard hides is a metallic gold packaging which looks very classy but you get fingerprints everywhere :( 

Pred časom mi je Avon v test poslal tri izdelke, ki ko kot nalašč za enostaven, vsakodneven mejkap izgled. Izdelki so prispeli v čudovti kartonsti embalaži in se mi zdi prav škoda, da ni takega vzorca tud na sami embalaži izdelkov. Ta je zlata kovinska, kar sicer zgleda zelo lepo vendar pa se na njej takoj poznajo prstni odtisi.

Sunday, May 10, 2015

April favourites

Where do months go?! I know this is such a cliche question that everyone asks but really, days just fly by. This months faves almost look like the "gold tag" :)

Sunday, May 3, 2015

Polish Alcoholic Fireworks Galaxy


Today I have a very special polish for you, Polish Alcoholic Fireworks Galaxy. The name is very suiting as you'll be able to see in a shit-ton of photos posted below :) I just couldn't help myself and not post so many of them. From the official Etsy page: 'Fireworks Galaxy' is a clear base packed with ultra chrome flakies that vary in flake size. This can be layered over any desired color but really pops over black undies. These flakies are delicate creatures and therefore lay flat on the nail." This says it all, Fireworks galaxy is a great polish and very easy to work with. On photos I have two thin coats over black and the flakies really lay flat on the nail, I wouldn't even need top coat. I noticed that with glittery Half sack from one of my previous posts too, I'm really curious what kind of polish base they use :) This just might be one of my fave toppers <3

Black skull black polish 2 coats + Polish Alcoholic Fireworks Galaxy 2 coats + top coat

Wednesday, April 29, 2015

Black skull


Black is always going to be my favourite nail (and everything else) color <3 If it comes in a badass bottle as this skull one then even better :) This beauty was a part of a bday gift I got from Gin and I love it as much as I love her. Polish has no name and even no brand but if I remember correctly, I think she got it at Tedi. Two coats, no top coat, perfection <3

Saturday, April 25, 2015

Polish Alcoholic Half sack


Today I have a special polish for you, my first Polish Alcoholic polish. I got it as a gift from my man for my birthday as he sneakily ordered 3 of them without my knowing. Description on their Etsy page says "Half Sack is a blackened blue base packed with fine blue to red duo chrome glitter and bright blue shimmer. Opaque in two to three coats, depending on application." Unfortunately the color shift was not visible on my nails but it's an amazing polish anyway. It was opaque in two coats and it was really smooth even before I put top coat on. The removal was surprisingly easy, I didn't need to use the foil method, I just held the cotton pad on my nails for a few seconds. Check out this blue beauty <3

Polish Alcoholic Half sack 2 coats + top coat

Wednesday, April 22, 2015

Spring water marble

You know when you really like the way something looks but you hate doing it? No, I'm not talking about exes, I'm talking about water marbling :) If you're been reading my blog for a while perhaps you remember my rage when I did a water marble and then swore I'm never doing it again. No, I didn't cave in, I found a way around it. I've found a new water marble technique online where you don't have to dunk fingers in the water and deal with the nasty cleanup. You just drip the polish in water, make the design and then just let it sit. In a few hours the nail polish completely dries and you can gently pick the thin layer of dried polish from the water surface. Then you just cut it into decals and apply it over a slightly wet polish on your nails. You have some clean up left but nothing drastic.
I wanted something happy and colorful. For water marbling I used Bourjois Green fizz, Kiko 336, Color club Wink wink twinkle and Depend 035 (same if I didn't cause it didn't show). I didn't wanna overkill it with marble so I combined it with Green fizz on some nails.
I loved this mani and I even got a few compliments on it which rarely happens in real life, I usually get passive aggressive ones haha :)

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