Monday, August 3, 2015

China glaze Frostbite


What better time to wear China glaze Frostbite than Summer? :) It's a bit chilly ATM but I wore this in the middle of a heat wave.
This is one of my favourite China glaze shades, a metallic cobalt blue that has that "lit from within" feel. The formula is a bit tricky, the polish is quite sheer and you get bald spots. I have two thick coats on but looking at the photos, I could use a third coat too. Other than that, Frostbite is a winner in my book <3

China glaze Frostbite 2 coats + top coat 

Saturday, August 1, 2015

Review: Dark webs (Lady queen stamping plate Hehe 046)

A while ago I was contacted by a new online store Lady queen and they offered to send me two products of my choice in exchange for an honest review.
The first product was Hehe 046 stamping plate. I mainly chose it for the skulls and the spider webs. Luckily I was not disappointed, the whole plate stamps very well, even the fine lines transfer as they should.
For this mani I started with a black base on all nails. The topper is NYC Rock muse Smokey top coat and the stamping was made with Barry M Silver.
I used a new top coat with this mani, Essence The gel nail polish top coat. I can't tell about the lasting power cause everything usually stays well on my nails but I did notice it didn't smudge any of the stamping so that's a big plus.

Essence Fatal + NYC Rock muse Smokey top coat + Barry M Sliver + Hehe 046 + top coat

Saturday, July 25, 2015

p2 Dress code: trendy


 I haven't had any texture on my nails in a very long time so I decided to find p2 Dress code: trendy in my stash. p2 describes the finish as "leather matte" and I like it, it's not a full on textured like OPI does but it's still a nice touch. I needed two coats and it dried really fast. Too bad p2 is not available in Slovenia, DM please get on this :)

p2 Dress code: trendy 2 coats

Wednesday, July 22, 2015

Review: Essence Fun Fair TE


As we all know Essence is one of my favourite and most used brands. You can imagine how ecstatic I was when Essence Slovenija offered Slovenian bloggers to test some products from a secret upcoming collection. That collection was Essence Fun fair and I was lucky to get Ring around the rosy blush and Candylicious cotton candy nails powder.


Saturday, July 11, 2015

Review: Makeup revolution #Liphug lipstick in Who we are!

A while ago Makeup revolution sent me one of their #Liphug lipstick in the shade Who we are!
Now that I've had it for a while I can finally write a proper review about his little gem <3 Let's start with the packaging, it's a tall black tube and I like it since I'm not a fan of tacky packaging. The shade that I got, Who we are! is a bight blue toned red that would suit many different skin tones. The formula is extremely creamy and moisturising. It's great for not drying out your lips but it does have a downfall - I'm always scared of smearing lip products all over my face and with a creamy formula like this it's more likely to happen. That's why I usually prefer matte formulas for bright or dark colors. I haven't had any accidents with this lipstick but I'm always very careful :) Despite being so creamy, Who we are! has quite the staying power, you lose some product by eating or drinking but it fades out evenly and leaves a strong stain behind.
For only 3,95€ this is a very nice product. I do like the fomula and if I picked another shade I would definitely go for a pinky nude <3
Slovenian readers can get it here and all my international readers can check here

Makeup revolution #Liphug Who we are!

Thursday, July 2, 2015

Avon Red velvet


Another quick post, this beautiful nail polish is Avon Red velvet and I won it in Adjusting beauty's giveaway. Thanks again Petra! <3
Avon Red velvet is a darkened shimmery red, not the most original shade but a very classic and popular one. It's really opaque, you could wear it with just one coat but two coats give it a beautiful depth. Sadly my mani bubbled a bit cause of the summer heat but it was still a great one to wear.

Avon Red velvet 2 coats + top coat 

Sunday, June 28, 2015

Review: Born Pretty Chameleon Nail Polish 205


I feel like it's been ages since I updated my blog. Sometimes life get in the way and even though blogging is my favourite hobby it's still just a hobby. Sometimes I have to prioritize and currently finishing my degree is what I focus on. I'm still gonna blog cause I love it, post just might get a bit sparse from time to time. Now on to the good stuff - amazing nail polish!

Born Pretty Chameleon Nail Polish 205 is the last of the four products that I was sent by Born pretty store. It looks as amazing in the bottle as it does on nail <3 The polish has a strong purple to green shift with gold, orange and blue flashes. I could look at it for day, in fact I did since I didn't wanna take it off :) The polish itself is pretty sheer so I layered it over black. It truly is an amazing polish but in my opinion on the pricier side, 6 ml cost a bit under 13 €, which to me is a lot (Essence and Catrice girl here :) But if you can justify it, I say go for it!

Essence Fatal 2 coats + Born Pretty Chameleon Nail Polish 205 1 coat + top coat

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