Wednesday, January 28, 2015

Review: Born pretty store BP-L 007 stamping plate and Alessandro Powdery pastel


Stamping again :) Born pretty store really stepped up their game with their own stamping plates lately. I got sent this beauty for a review and I do not regret picking it, just look at it <3 It comes with a variety of patterns, full nail and smaller ones. Some are etched better than others but all images are workable. On a photo below you can see how the patterns look on paper. Images are not perfect because I only did one try with each pattern to give you a realistic idea how they stamp.
For this mani I used the second pattern in the top row and the third pattern in the bottom row. Base polish is Alessandro Powdery pastel, a pastel greyish blueish lilac polish that I obviously can't quite define :)

Saturday, January 24, 2015

Sweater weather


My computer is back and 'm back to posting yay :) This year winter has been crap so far, it only snowed once. If I can't have winter outside, I'm gonna have it on my nails and what says winter more than comfy thick sweaters <3 I went for a greyish mixed mani, glitter is Milani Silver dazzle and the creme is Essence Got a secret. Sweather stamps were made with Essence Moonless night and Born pretty stamping plate 30. Hope you like it as much as I did :)

Milani Silver dazzle 2 coats + Essence Got a secret 2 coats + Essence Moonless night + BP30 + top coat

Tuesday, January 20, 2015

p2 Purple charism


I am back after a short break :) Sorry for no post on Saturday, my computer broke and is currently being fixed which meant i didn't have anything to show you since all my photos were on it. Let's hope they manage to save my files and pics. Now to the better stuff: nail polish <3 Luckily I still had some pics of it on my camera cause I was too lazy to upload them to my computer :) Today I'm gonna show you a purple beauty, p2 Purple charism. Nomen est omen sounds about right, this combo of purple base and gold shimmers really is charismatic. I really hope we get p2 in drugstores some day (same goes for Kiko).
Now I'm sitting here with my nails naked, feel kinda lost and with no clue what to put on :(

p2 Purple charism 2 coats + top coat

Thursday, January 15, 2015

p2 Twinkle pink


A short post today cause I'm dead beat (and the worst is yet to come, thanks education :)
Sometimes you need a happy, preppy color to pick you up and p2 Twinkle pink was just what I needed. Good brush, two easy coats and great formula is something I expect from p2 and they always deliver <3 Crazy holo bottle cap helps too :)
Thank you again Gin for this beauty ;)

p2 Twinkle pink 2 coats + top coat

Saturday, January 10, 2015

MoYou Fashionista 07 and L’Oréal Paris Laetitia’s pure red

After three days Laetitia's pure red was still going strong and since I've lately been in a time hurry I decided not to change my polish but just stamp over it.
I decided to finally put my MoYou plates to use and went with Fashionista 07, a gorgeous plate full of damask patterns. Stamps were made with Essence A piece of forever.

I had it on for another four days so all together Laetitia's pure red lasted a whole week and it still looked decent on the final day. But I do have to say, I preferred the polish on its own better, the stamping combo for some reason didn't work for me.

L’Oréal Paris Collection Exclusive Laetitia’s pure red 2 coats + Essence Pece of forever + MoYou Fashionista 07 + top coat

Wednesday, January 7, 2015

L’Oréal Paris Collection Exclusive Laetitia’s pure red nail polish


Today I have an amazing red polish for you, L’Oréal Paris Collection Exclusive Laetitia’s pure red that I got from the lovely UniqaPoly as a part of a Secret blogger Santa gift <3 I'm not a fan of the rounded brush but the consistency was just perfect, creamy and opaque in two effortless coats. L’Oréal Paris Collection Exclusive Laetitia’s pure red is a dark vampy red with subtle shimmer which is only visible in strong light. It's a perfect Fall/Winter/I wanna feel classy shade. Thank you again, UniqaPoly!

L’Oréal Paris Collection Exclusive Laetitia’s pure red 2 coats + top coat

Sunday, January 4, 2015

Frankenpolish: Blood of our enemies


Welcome to 2015! Hope you all had a great start of this year :) With me it's new year, new nail shape – back to stilettos at last <3
I love mixing different nail polish together and creating something new. Today I have a dark red jelly, packed with red and purple glitter in different shapes. It's dense enough to be opaque in three coats yet still sheer enough for the glitter to peek through. It wold probably work great over dark base too, must try it out someday. 

Blood of our enemies 3 coats + top coat

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