Sunday, March 1, 2015

Current faves


Today I'm gonna try something new on my blog, monthly faves :) I love reading this kind of post on other blogs so I thought why not. I'm not sure yet if this is gonna be a regular thing on my blog so I didn't wanna title this post February favorites :)

Thursday, February 26, 2015

Coffee mani


I've been feeling pretty shitty the past few days and I have a mani to match :) I think it's nice to show less successful attempts too, bloggers are only humans and our nails don't always come out perfect.
The problem with this is:
1. I hate brown colors on nails but I went with a brown theme for the original coffee look
2. Plate has big, delicate images with lots of thin lines
3. I don't have a brown polish that would be great for stamping (go check point 1 again)
I still committed to it and wore this mani for full four days but probably only because i felt so sick nail polish was the last thing on my mind :)

Essence Movin' on 2 coats + Essence Mystic lilac + eBay stamping plate + top coat

Sunday, February 22, 2015

Juicy love tape


Nail art blog post tittles give me the worst problems ever :) Ok maybe not the worst but still #FirstWorldProblems I never really got into the nail tape thing, I always admired tape manis but they seemed like too much hassle. Let me tell you, they really are a pain in the ass but the end result is well worth it. For the base I used my very much loved Essence Juicy love and then layered Kleancolor Matte black on top with the help of nail tape. Sealed everything with top coat and I was good to go :)

Essence Juicy love 1 coat + Kleancolor Matte black 1 coat + top coat

Thursday, February 19, 2015

Kleancolor Holo chrome


As you may have noticed I stopped doing Catch of the month posts a while ago cause I'm really trying to minimise my buying obsession. In fact, the majority of my polish stash is still untried (horror, I know). So instead of buying new things I decided it's time to shop my stash and look for forgotten pretties in my helmer.
I bought Kleancolor Holo chrome quite a while ago. It's a beautiful combo of a blue jelly base packed with holo glitters and deep blue glitters which unfortunately aren't that visible. You could probably get it opaque in a few coats but I decided to layer it over p2 So cool!, a metallic blue. I loved the combo, metallic base gave it depth and the holo glitters looked bomb in the sun <3

p2 So Cool! 2 coats + Kleancolor Holo chrome 1 coat + top coat

Friday, February 13, 2015

Essence Black dress and white tie


Upgrade time :) My life is still quite hectic so I wanted to make sure that my mani stays put on my nails and what better way than to slap on some glitter? I went with Essence Black dress and white tie, a lovely mix of big black and white hexagons and small silver glitters. This polish is packed with glitter so one easy coat will do and there's no need for fishing the glitter out. Unfortunately Essence is discontinuing this one so if you like it I would suggest you hurry up and try to snatch it before it's too late.

Barry M Pink flamingo 2 coats + Essence Black dress and white tie 1 coat + top coat

Thursday, February 12, 2015

Barry M Pink flamingo


I have no clue what's happening to me but I'm starting to crave spring and summer. I hope some bright colored nails will do the trick :) Barry M Pink flamingo is a gorgeous creamy coral with strong pink undertones (or should I say pink with some orange in it). The formula is great and it caused me no problems. Can't wait to wear this in the summer as a pedi <3

Barry M Pink flamingo 2 coats + top coat

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