Sunday, November 22, 2015

L'Occitane praznične novosti: prvi vtisi


Nekaj tednov nazaj me je v nabiralniku presenetila čudovita zlata, lepo dišeča kuverta z vabilom na druženje v poslovalnico L'Occitane. Moram priznati, da je moja zgodovina z L'Occitane kratka. Prvič sem se z njimi bolje spoznala šele letos oktobra na Beautiful Bloggers Meetup konferenci, kjer sta jih zastopali simpatični predstavnici. V darilni vrečki me je med drugimi čakala tudi odlična krema za roke, s katero se je začela moja L'Occitane romanca.

V torek smo se tako zbrale lepotne blogerke v L'Occitane poslovalnici v starem delu Ljubljane. Namen dogodka je bil predvsem predstavitev novih prazničnih novosti, treh linij, ki jih je v sodelovanju z L'Occitane ustvaril Pierre Hermé, uspešen francoski slaščičar. Po kratki, a zelo zanimivi predstavitvi vseh treh linij je sledila še kratka delavnica francoskega načina zavijanja daril. Ste vedeli, da vsako leto odvržemo več ton odpadnega zavijalnega papirja? Darila zavijte v reciklirane materiale ali pa jih poklonite v večnamenskih škatlah, ki bodo prejemniku darila lahko služile še naprej. Na ta način podarite darilo tudi naši Zemlji <3 Sledil je še družabni del dogodka, kjer smo blogerke lahko klepetale, posnele nešteto slik in se sladkale z odličnimi makroni ter pile smoothije v okusih, ki so odlično dopolnjevali predstavljene nove kolekcije. Ob odhodu pa nas je čakala še velikodušna darilna vrečka, ki je vsebovala tri izdelke novih kolekcij. Katera me je najbolj očarala je razvidno že iz samih slik, posnetih na dogodku :)

Saturday, November 14, 2015

7 top hand and nail products for Fall and Winter


Winter is slowly creeping up on us. While I love snow, low temperatures and warm drinks I don't love the state of my hand. Combine cold, central heating with dry air and you got yourself a hand situation. My skin gets extra dry and my nails start breaking more. On top of that I work with latex gloves for hours at time and use lots of hand sanitisers. This year I decided to fight back :) Since the beginning of this month I've been religiously using a wide selection of products to prepare my hands.

Monday, November 9, 2015

Avon Modern romance (Desire, Sinful romance and Modern edge)

Recently Avon surprised me with a huge package of their goodies. I received nail polishes from three different lines, cuticle cream and a fast drying
polish spray. Today, I will briefly present a part of their Modern romance collection. 

Avon Modern romance Sinful romance is a real chameleon with a purple base, mixed with shades of gray. Definitely a very Fall appropriate shade. 
Avon Modern romance Desire is a gray creme shade, which reminds me of Essie Chinchilly. It's a fairly neutral shade that doesn't give you the "mannequin hands" effect. 
Avon Modern Romance Modern Edge is a chocolate brown polish without any red undertones, which are usually present in dark brown polishes. 
All three shades have great pigmentation and could be opaque in one thicker coat. 

I decided to first try out Sinful romance. My previous experiences with Avon were really good so I wasn't surprised with the quality of Sinful romance's formula and brush. My manicure with top coat remained intact for about 5 days.


Pred kratkim me je Avon presenetil z ogromnim paketom dobrot. V test sem prejela lake iz treh različnih linij, kremo za obnohtno kožico in sprej za hitro sušenje laka. Preveč izdelkov za eno objavo, kajne? :) Prepričana sem, da ste se z Avonom že seznanile, aktualni katalog si lahko ogledate tudi na spletu (klik klik).

Danes vam bom na kratko predstavila del njihove Modern romance kolekcije. Gre za kolekcijo s precej umirjenimi, jesenskimi odtenki.

Thursday, November 5, 2015

October favourites


I decided to start posting a few non polish related posts a month simply because my life has gotten a bit crazy which means less time for nails. I could just swatch over the weekend but I'm not a swatcher, I only show you manis that I actually wear. My nails are pretty healthy and I normally remove nail polish every three days, not out of need but out of boredom. Now days are more hectic and sometimes I just wanna leave nail polish on for five or more days and then I'd have a problem trying to post just nails twice a week. Fear not, this will still be a nail themed blog. Now that we cleared that out, let's check my favourite products :)

Saturday, October 31, 2015

China glaze It's alive (Haunting Halloween collection 2011)


Boy am I late with this polish? Yes, it came out in 2011 :)

China glaze It's Alive is dusty green jelly filled with hexagon and round green glitter. It's completely opaque in two thin coats and very easy to work with. The name is quite fitting since it does eat top coat like crazy :) I think it's a perfect choice for tonight but I can see how some people wouldn't like this polish :)

Happy Halloween to everyone, have fun and eat some candy <3

China glaze It's Alive 2 coats + top coat

china glaze it's alive haunting halloween collection 2011 swatch

Tuesday, October 27, 2015

Halloween mani (Nail2Express collaboration)


At the moment my nails would be Halloween appropriate on their own, broken and bruised :D Since I started my job at the beginning of this month my hands have taken a bit of a beating. All the breakage details go on my Instagram or Facebook page so check them out if you're feeling sadistic. But Halloween is my favourite holiday so I had to do a themed mani. This year I teamed up with the talented Katja from Nail2Express. Thanks again Katja for considering me, I'm truly flattered <3
Katja decided to go for black and gold theme (go check her mani here) and I went with a vampy theme.

For the base I used Essence Take my red away form Legends of the sky trend edition. Gradient was made with L'Oreal Laetitia and Essence Black is back. For the damask stamp I used my fave stamping plate MoYou Fashionista 07 and Konad Black.
I'm most proud of my middle finger :D This was my first attempt with acrylic paint and free-hand drawing. It's not perfect but I think it still looks good. I am currently still wearing this mani but it won't last on me till Halloween. I will probably do the same mani as last year, quick and easy (click)
halloween mani nails vampire fangs

Wednesday, October 21, 2015

Bloggers unite: Pink October


As you all know, October is breast cancer awareness month. This year, Slovenian bloggers decided to commemorate it by posting a pink post today (I'm a bit late as always *.*)
My mani is pink and cute but sadly there is nothing cute about breast cancer. Breast cancer is the type of cancer that causes the most deaths annually among women and it can happen to any of us. So I cannot stress enough how important self examination is. It's never too early to start and if you're not already practicing it, here is a link with more information (click). For all the patients out there, keep on fighting! <3

For this mani I used OPI Koala bear-y, Kiko multi effect 03 Cupcake Rose & Starry Crimson, Flormar glitter GL02 and MoYou Biker collection 05 stamping plate.

You can check the amazing post of other bloggers bellow <3

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